Janis Joplin - Me and Bobby McG

Janis Joplin - Me and Bobby McG

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You are well loved Bobby Migee and Janis Joplin love your family all of us oxoxoxoxoxoxox
i 498 commenti sfavorevoli a questa musica sono pezzi di coglioni
Janis voz linda linda pessoa linda tudo
A great singer, too bad alcholl and drugs killed her.
Wish I could of met her, she would have fucked my brains out, I guarantee you
I've never ends
another one of the hearts that gave its a new day in tthe hearts !~<3
Tell me, is Bobby mcg a euphemism for some illicit substance?
I discovered my mom’s Janis Joplin records when I was 8 years old...blew me away. Love her. Thanks Mama!
Love this video you posted! Please give mine a view to meet my goal. Take care and have a beautiful day! 8425 views in the past three years. Goal is 100k by the time I am 70. :P For no reason at all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vmf6WmC5JW8
On second thought, she is quite pretty.. Who says women are the only ones who can't make up their minds?
On my face
I had plastic surgery when I was three years old
One of my favorite songs Janis Joplin sang.
TheI want to apologize for Bethlehem Rome in Italy the bombs going on it did Ender a lot of people I apologize so much but it wasn't me it was the center of the earth let them check your lights just for the record.
Greatest song ever A$#dpq
Another soul destroyed by super-fame but the talent lives on !!
I will say she's one of a kind Godspeed
Save my children and grandchildren
Raspy ass voice , hippy ass looks. Sexy in an ordinary sort the f way. Probably would have banged her. My god we will never be able to achieve this level of cool again.

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