Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  Incredible Nevada Silver Mine - Part 3

Incredible Nevada Silver Mine - Part 3

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crap!! this series kind of competes with your 16 to 1 mine series. great stuff, especially the "not safe" section haha
this is an absolutely incredible mine ! i was intrigued by this whitey guy’s graffiti so i did a tiny bit of digging his name may have been william hammond. if that’s the case, he was injured several times while mining in nevada. he’s here a little more than halfway down on page 127. it’s a looong list of miner injuries reported from 1869-1944 in Nevada.
You guys are pretty gutsy if there was an Tremor or an earthquake, a lot of rock would come Crashing Down
Some of that cavity must be natural
Portable air tank on wheels
Wow I have watched through several of your videos now & holy stopes! That hole under the track is Indiana Jones level. Hope a giant round stone doesnt come rolling after you in there somewhere. All these mines youve been in & I dont see any sampling? You just discover & adventure but dont bring a mining pick? Shoooooo
Awesome video!! what flash light do you use?
That yellow thing looks like a fuel or an oil bunker.
Other levels could've pancaked in a collapse.
just out of curiosity, on a scale of 1 - 10, @ 8:43 , how sketch is it to continue past that.... giving that the slightest disturbance might lock both of you inside type of deal ? Not to shit on the video... But I do wonder. Great video's BTW, really interesting. Keep safe !
you go where other mine explorers fear to tread....kudos Sirs
Very cool and interesting
WHITEY is on YT !
I guess he's just tougher than the rest of us whiners.
I can't believe Mines of the West is in cut offs and a t shirt! It's usually 52 to 58 degrees with a breeze blowing. Wow!
I wonder how many man hours go's into making these underground city's ?
Huge fire in that whole place at one point?
OMG, NOT SAFE is the word! Holy Crap! For $100k I might ride a rail cart over it. At high speed. Thanks for the great
video. Regards from Ody Slim
I'm curious about the source of the water throughout the mine. Natural springs? Rainy weather? Snow melt? That is, if you can comment without compromising the secrecy of the location. Thanks!
Some real bad ground down there, looked a right maze of junctions too! Pretty mad sight those rails over the void, I guess the timbers below it had rotted years ago or the rock floor fell down, makes you wonder what you are actually walking on is real or about to collapse! Great video, can't wait to see part 4!!! Just catching up, been a mental week.

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