Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  Hunting Selenite Crystals in Oklahoma *Raw Mining Footage*

Hunting Selenite Crystals in Oklahoma *Raw Mining Footage*

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


About: Hunting Selenite Crystals in Oklahoma *Raw Mining Footage*

I would love to do this!
kool , thanx....I hav 1 piece of sweet blue Selenite....neat place...Please continue to Rock
Where's your bucket? I can't believe you didn't bring a bucket along. lol
Two thumbs up on your series. I have been a prospector / collector / mining historian for many years and enjoy your videos. I work a Pyrite Mine just across the boarder here in Canada for Octahedral Pyrite.
i don't understand how they can be on the surface, i thought water dissolves them
You need at least a good backpack when you go hunting ..there were some beautiful pieces there for sure 😀
Seems your first statement was Private land! Well, this is a movie not how to find the crystals. Not exactly what I was looking for but thanks anyway.
Where in Oklahoma? Where I live there rock hounds dream playgrounds.
Bubble crystals and some that are unknowing to Paris Texas College geology says they don’t know of. But he passed a piece and told his students to look at the fire of colors.
Now I am going to start to prove there is gold. Which I had found little gold sandwiched in shale rock. But this is going to be my next Discovery. I know there’s a lot of go where I live. There’s this place that has a huge Quartz mountain shooting over a 100’ feet out of the ground.
Youre so awesome dude seriously
That be so cool as wall art are end table, and some other things to.
It reminds me of pine tree bark, the way it's layered and breaks apart. Perhaps it's a petrified tree area that is no more.?
The Crystals Collector is awesome enjoy watching to see what he has found as a kid I have always be drowned to Shiny Rocks and weird shape Rock just Rocks in general
NICE, but the milky pieces are: Satin Spar.
"just another 200-300 yards" hahhaaa nope. Way further :P

If it was just that, you could hit a golfball there.

Looks can deffinetly be decieving. Probably because of how flat it is. Lots of factors... Even the time of year can make things seem further/closer.

When out in the boat my dad would ask us to guess how far away the cliff was. Then he would go full speed towards it, to prove us wayy wrong. It was always much much further then it looked.
If you ever want someone to carry huge bags for you!? I'm better than any horse & I don't eat as much lol 😉
Beautiful pieces 🙏❤
I've been there! It's the only place in the world you can find hourglass selenite crystals.
Go back to NC for more and different finds. Enjoy your videos
I can't believe it's just laying around on the ground like that!!😍
So cool !!! @indianaF&M

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