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How to repair a hole in a sweater by ARNE & CARLOS

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About: How to repair a hole in a sweater by ARNE & CARLOS

Good luck...go shopping
Just when I thought I saw all your videos, I find another😊. Love it, great tips. Thank you🧢🧢
Your jacket is very beautiful Arne. Interesting tutorial, I enjoyed this. Thank you xx
Really enjoyed your video Arne. So good to see a make do and mend project. Need more of this in our, throw away society!
This helped me repair a 15 year old hat I made for my husband! Thank you.
Thank you Arne.
Arne you are so sweet. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
After you work on this sweater it will be like new.
Thanks for this, Arne. Very helpful!
I love your virtual company while I knit too. (I'm a lonely knitter).

You and Carlos both are very charming not only being great inspiration. I've done Steeking Cardigan for the first time referring to your tutorial. How rebelling feeling cutting open the knit!!

On this video I learnt how you used the sharp needle backwards so as not to split the yarn. Easy, yet how effective, I didn't realise.

Thank you for your videos.
I love watching you two just being so sweet, gentle and creative. Xxx
Perfect! Thank you Arne!
That is so very helpful. Thank you.
Arne, you're an awesome teacher. 😍
In this throw away society it is good to see and know how to repair the clothing we love.
Thank you Arne! Great job showing us how you repair knitted garments!
I like being able to REPAIR garments.
That was very helpful! Thank you.
Thanks, Arne.
This is fabulous! Thank you so much for posting. I have several sweaters that I can now repair :-)
Wait , are you using the blunt end to make a stitch? What a smart idea!

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