Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  How to Mine FeatherCoin with Awesome Miner & Mining Pool Hub - Ep14

How to Mine FeatherCoin with Awesome Miner & Mining Pool Hub - Ep14

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About: How to Mine FeatherCoin with Awesome Miner & Mining Pool Hub - Ep14

Any retard can mine Feathercoin, I do it daily, even solo CPU so what's the big secret Goose?
I'm not sure if you answer a noobs question or not but I have a gtx 660. Yeah I know. :/ I want to mine enough to buy another card. Do you have any alt coin in mind?
Hey I need help I am getting errors while mining please reply
Need help. I am getting errors
hello sir I'm facing error interface offline error what is that.. don't know.. I'm new in in please guide me
hey Goose, I`m finding lately that AwesomeMiner is very inconsistent in regards to my worker. Current setup and example - my worker is setup to mine equihash and lyra2re and my miner is solving for neoscrypt. also if I want to switch the algo for my worker, even if I reset the miner it doesn`t update with the new algo. every experienced this? thanks.
I encounter an error:
There are no supprted pools available for the selected mining software.
Please add more pools to the profit switcher or include more mining software in the Profite profile.
Also verify that a valid Profit profile has been configured for the miner.

I have a AMD GPU and the above pops up. If I change it to NVIDIA, it starts but because I don't have a NVIDIA card it does not continue. Is there a solution for this? Thank you!
Hi Goose! which coin can I mine with CPU? (Except ETN, Monero & Bytecoin)
Hi big fan here , make a video how to use the feathercoin wallet pls!!!!
Goose thanks for the vids! Q; is the most profitable coin to mine the one that What To Mine is showing or MPH? Thanks.
Goose maybe you can help, in Awesome Miner - Profit Switching, there is a power cost box. Does this get applied to your miners screen as I'm guessing it currently does not, even if populated?
Yaaay, thanks Goose Tech~ :)
you have block file that is updated that you could share. the wallet is 4 years non sync'd.
Does this still work?
I keep getting errors, and i did exactly as u said.
Please see below for error:
Get that litecoin before the next push to 300. #litepay
You Sir.. are a Legend! Great vids, keep making them!
what GPU does this favor; AMD or NVIDIA?
GooseMan .. you are the best!!! I know I always say this but you truly are and your videos are simple to understand and so very accurate... THANK YOU Sir! ... unfortunately I am busy with the ZClassic donation process but will try this coin later on. Thanks again goos Sir, you are a good man and a great person! God speed.
hi bro, can you make a video on litecoin & etherium classic mining please...
This video is how to lose money with your miner.

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