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History BBC documentary Colonial House EP02 Harsh

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Drinking a gallon of beer a day ...i need to live in that time 😂😂😂
IF this wasnt fake we would have seen a reenactment of the starving time of Jamestown where these wimps start cannibalizing the corpses of the ones who died.
And how ignorant that they would think they would be excused from religious service in a time like this. They would not be excused, but maybe even physically punished or imprisoned for not going to church.
And they have no mind of their place in society, especially at that time. Everyone has a place; and most people in society had no say in what happened to them. Just deal with it. Everything will function better that way. Too many chiefs and not enough indians.
How are they so lazy? Have they never worked at a job in their lives?
I'm disabled but if I was like the fit men here I would be working my ass off and try to impress the single ladies, like most period men, to show my value to her as a provider and hard worker. After all the men who are indentured get fifty acres of land not a small thing you can make a good living on that and have a voice as a free man a big deal and even vote eventually.
The 21st century issues in the 17th century experiment ruined this for me.
First mistake was to put the pastor as the Governor!!
Funny how things went to hell when the liberal took charge. Lol
I really hope this governor sees the irony behind him saying he wanted to tell the story of those who wanted to be able to worship without state interverenve but as soon as they got here what did they do, mandate religion. When will christians see the irony and view our history accuratley
I see a lot of people on here talk about how lazy these people are, how they aren't dedicated to their roles or want to do anything. I posted this comment on another post but I'm going to post it here so more people can see it.

"Of course they seem lazy. That isn't their life. That isn't what they are used to." They weren't born into that reality. Call them whatever you want - switching to a complete opposite lifestyle and mindset is more difficult then you think. It's also easy to call them lazy when you are sitting here on your computer in clean clothes, your selection of food and drink, setting your own temperature in your house, having plenty of free time to watch this video or read or sleep.
10,000 people applied for this series and these were the 17 who were picked? Did Ernie and Bert get compensated for their picks?
I think the producers of this series should be fired! After the Wyers left, of the 12 remaining cast members - only 1 of the women and 3 of the males seemed to take on their roles seriously. The "I don't want to cook everyday" fiasco was buffered by a liberal professor who sounded like he gargled with salt when he addressed the situation. Colony living was tough. Those were the facts. Most of these cast members demonstrate just how lazy and passive most people have become!
who t f do they think they are? they did no research and thought it was all playtime..losers would have all died
these people are lazy, and selfish and think they are in the 21st century..what a bunch of babies,sissies, slovenly bums.losers, crybabies, selfish priggs
I had hoped for a series that really recreated the experience of colonial life, but was sorely disappointed. VIRTUALLY ALL colonists were CHRISTIAN, and not modern day femocrats. This series was dead the moment they chose the colonists and included these atheists.
It's hard to believe that this show is 15 years old already :/
Michelle lol
Sorry so sad what happened to Bethany and the family.
This is just sad. This isn't to teach and educate the masses on colonial society boons, and failures. This just shows the masses how weak, lazy, and entitled the modern person is....or has become. The production and the "colonials" themselves are cherry-picking what they do or don't want to follow with little regard to accuracy. The atheist fellow would have been thrown in the stocks and his wife with him or deemed a witch. All the complaining wouldn't have been tolerated. The women acting all 21st century would have had them all in the stocks, whipped, put into a shrews harness or possibly jailed as witches. Like most things the idea was there it just wasn't executed well. What a bunch of tits....and I live in Maine, and they couldn't get through a little damp and chilly mornings.....honestly.

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