Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  Historic Hwy 49, California's Gold Country

Historic Hwy 49, California's Gold Country

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I love this video. This part of California is my homeland, I am 6th generation from El Dorado County, where the gold rush began. I've been stuck living in Texas for the past 3 years. Trying like mad to get the right opportunity to move back home. People who've never been to the gold country don't know what they're missing. If I could give this video 100 thumbs up and 1000 hearts I would.
I am planning a trip to Gold Country soon, so this was very helpful! Thanks!
Would you know any history about hwy 800 that connects to Usona rd. from 41 to Eastman lake? Thanks!
Awesome video as always my hat is off to you my friend! Please if you have a chance check out my new film "Summer of GOLD" Its my take at the filming side and kind of a documentary about gold prospecting in the mother lode CA. Take care Buddy and here's a link to My video --> Take care
John Sutter
A good reason to keep your mouth shut
Excellent! (4th generation San Franciscan) But also Scottish and have kin in Grass Valley who participate in the Cornish Christmas there (Nevada City perhaps?). And my dad played harmonica when we went camping. I love this presentation truly. Nicely done and evocative for sure. You covered the bases! END 49. Some day.....
The influx to the area really did reshape the state, and even the country. 
i have lived around it my hole life
lol you should see my property, it is like ancient!
Great video---my heart is in the gold country--especially Amador county
Wasn't yet out of high school yet and had the friend with the car. For a few teens in the Bay Area that loved to fish the area of the Sierra foothills were a magnet. Around Sutter Creek, Jackson, Mokelumne Hill, San Andreas, Angels Camp, Sonora, and Jamestown became our "backyard". Because we tromped all over the region seeking fishing spots we all soon came to know the "Central Mines" like the back of our hands. That was almost 3 decades ago. The area has changed quite a bit.

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