Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  Historic Gold Mine & Mill Deep In The Forest – Part 1

Historic Gold Mine & Mill Deep In The Forest – Part 1

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


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If may sound morbid but those people are lucky to be buried where they are. I can only wish to be sent to an isolated plot like this when I croak. Multiple cementary 's in my area have been severely vandalized. The people caught were not even citizens of America. You see it everywhere. I was in France and they were in process of removing paint and ink from a ww1 cemetary that had been vandalized bad.
I dont know what a stamp mill does. But its cool to see history. I like the cool pictures of what these ruins looked like back in the days. Cool fire arms being released. Everyone of your videos got me hooked.
that stamp mill must have made a hell of a clatter when it was running
I'm always amazed thinking about how much time and work it took to build something like this mill especially out in the forest and how far away the nearest town or railroad might have been to get all the equipment as close as they could. Wow!
OK, My guess for the oven's is that it was , Mountan Mike Pizza ? lol. Thanks Justin Great video series
All it would take is a 6' by 16' roof over that stamp mill frame to keep the water off and it could last another hundred years!
Crazy amount of building remains
Even a powder box
Argh forest service blocking the public fun
I was out exploring around Fairbanks Alaska and found one of these Fairbanks-Morse engines ( Pretty cool)
great exploring
This is a Great video I enjoyed reading the information on this mill, I have been watching your videos for a while now and I would love to see a mill like this but there is no way that you could get me underground as deep as you Guys go. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.
Have you found any abandoned diggings in the Lassen Forest area? I grew up in Mineral Ca, which is in Tehama County, and in Elementary School we would cross country ski out to an old copper mine in the winter months.
Looks like water, timbers and maybe steps/stairs.
Looks like a cordless grinder w/metal cutting disks could be an addition to the pack tools.
Did the forest service destroy all of the buildings and mill? Or just what?
Gotta be safe in the woods, oh wow a cemetery cool
It almost seems as if the buildings were blown apart at the mine's end of life?!
Forest service?
Very cool video. I live in Georgia and have explored several old Gold Mines in North Georgia (location of first Gold rush in the United States) and I always love seeing the old equipment and imagining how it must have looked when it was operational. The grave site was very cool. I also always imagine the men that worked these old mines all those years ago and imagine what it would have been like. These old mines are true pieces of history and a look into day gone by. Good shooting as well!
Not sure if this is the same stamp machine but this one in the video I'm supplying here is of an operating Mill in Apache Junction, AZ

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