Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  Heading Underground at 'The Great Cwmystwyth Mines' in Wales

Heading Underground at 'The Great Cwmystwyth Mines' in Wales

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


About: Heading Underground at 'The Great Cwmystwyth Mines' in Wales

Hi. Is there a link for a map for this mine please?
Did you managed to find any dwarves down there bud?
Well interesting I enjoyed that I always stop and spend time here it is a fantastic site
crap music with no talking makes for a boring video
Checkout "UAV PAP" Channel for aerial footage of remains of South Wales mines...
great video was up there today seen three guys heading to the far left of the mountian all kitted out not sure if any mines in that ditrection. al
I really enjoyed your trip into The Great Cwmystwyth Mines. I was a bit worried you would meet an untimely end. Sorely missed was a sound track giving the background of these mines. For instance; the yellow tinge on some of the walls: What was it? Was it a Sulferus exude from coal? Also the tube tunnesls; it appears later than the commercial excavations. My guess is that it was in Northern Wales?
Pretty amazing video, too tighter space for my personal taste. Thanks!
do i need to gain permission for this mine , if so who do i contact, many thanks
is there any groups in west wales struggling to find people to go with?
Yeah, how bout no.
Ive been down there with my dad :)
One of my old favourites level Fawr! I was with Hugh and Julian collecting that pipe quite a few years ago. 😆
The access pipes were put in by myself  Simon Hughes and Graham leavens in the early 2000s , the second pipe had to be cut down the middle and squeezed up , to get it through the first pipe, a couple of years later, the reason to put the second pipe in was because immediately to the left of the pipe as you look at it one of the basket timbers gave way, letting hundreds of tons of rock down into the drifts, it was shear chance there was a small void left, enough to get the pipe in,

level Fawr is probably early 19th century , the area was already extensively worked before level was driven, there are several points of entrance to the king side mine, most are not accessible unless you rope in or dig, the earliest reference to working this area was a victorian mine engineer who described re finding the roman level, high in the stopes,as to wether it is roman is another matter it is certainly a hand picked level of tear drop shape, the big stopes you climbed into are were the comet and kingside loads came together , worked in the 18th19cent. the level down the incline leads to workings which essentially mirror above, and the same above level fawr  but more extensive,

the definitive book of the whole mine Simon Hughes 

the most up to date geological survey DR D James

indeed Cwmystwyth mine and its satellites is unique for its historical place in history not only because it was worked since the bronze age till the 1930s but evidence can be seen of all the periods of time it was worked, there will be more to discover as time goes on,

the mine is now owned by a trust.

as stated in the credits all mines are dangerous even for seasoned mine explorers, Cwmystwyth is no exception ! 

good video lads.
thats great stuff :) thanks for sharing. also subbed, hope to see more underground exploring :) cheers.
That's a brilliant film Carl! Could you tell me what the name of the second audio (the dramatic music) is? It's extremely atmospheric!

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