Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  Geologist speaks about Oil reserves and solutions

Geologist speaks about Oil reserves and solutions

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


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Almost 8 years ago from this talk & we still keep talking about growth..
If you add the methane hydrates to that that number increases quite a bit. But methane hydrate extraction hasn't really been demonstrated to be safe or financially equitable yet. The US DOE did that exploratory study in Alaska but it will be a while before that comes to market. Gas from either source should be used to ease the transition to more climate friendly alternatives, but we shouldn't lose any sense of urgency about fossil to renewable transition and increasing efficiency.
How long is "as long as we need them to". Remember also that gas is still a fossil fuel and methane itself has an insulation index of 21 times CO2. I imagine gas will fill in for oil for a while and it will be/is lucrative. But bringing in gas alongside oil/replacing oil with gas usage, in equivalent energy units, puts the world shale gas supply at something like 60 years if all nations join in. Fair enough, that buys time, or perceived time. Just don't consider it as the answer to everything.
You just dont know what you are talking about,natural gas will last as long as we need them to.Read Dachau banks report,shale to shinning Shale.And Australia has massive reserves... And Methane hydrates are the most abundant source of fossil fuel in the world. They consist of a crystalline structure in which methane molecules are trapped amongst an arrangement of water molecules. They are found under the Arctic permafrost, and in ocean sediments along nearly every continental shelf in the world.
If it's made the foundation fuel, it won't last very long. Enjoy it for the next 30 or 50 years by all means, just don't use it as an excuse for complacency. Fossil fuels need to be replaced, and the rate we use energy at in general needs to change. Foresight is a gift, not just a pain in the ass. Remaining crude should be sequestered for plastics and organic materials and not burning.
Natural gas is the future ,foundation fuel...
2,203 Tcf of natural gas is enough to last about 92 years at present US consumption rate. Present consumption rate will increase if it becomes economically viable to do so, which it probably already is. 2,203 tcf is how much gas they reckon is under the USA. 92 years is not that long a time, with current growth in energy consumption in the US it will take far less time than that, even taking into account increases in efficiency. Natural gas is a stop gap, nothing more.
This naked, "economic rationalist" capitalism is the economic manifestation of the human ego - 'ever more', 'the drive to dominate, to defeat one's competitors'; and the nuclear family's demand for their 'right' to have as many children as they want, to have as many high-energy-consuming gadgets as they want; and the domination of this whole system by a greedy and very powerful minority - all appeals to reason are bound to fail. And sadly, since the 1970s, it now appears impossible to change.
Not bad, I like his style, but, despite all rational arguments (like his "depletion protocol"s) the world's economic system is fundamentally flawed because it is still capitalism, which Marx discovered was "accumulation for accumulation's sake". A company is only considered "healthy" if its PROFITS INCREASE EVERY YEAR ! I.e., it's 'not good enough' to make profit anymore, a company must always increase its profits! This is madness, and it is being enabled & driven by increasing population.
We are making a Non-Profit Documentary titled ALL AMERICAN OIL under the 501c3 covering of the IFP ( Please take a look at our Trailer, and pass it around, help us get the word out. And visit us at our dedicated Facebook page by the same name: ALL AMERICAN OIL
400 years for whom... 31 billion barrels year, the tar sands are about 21 billion barrels not even one year, if its only for canada maybe 40 years
Oh the tar sands,400year supply...
Old video,fracking/horizontal drilling means a plentiful future..With Australia/USA at the heart of of a natural gas future...
nobody in the government is afraid to speak the truth, even if they knew it (which many simply doesn't). to speak the truth after so many years of government lies and running this model is so much against the powers behind it all. u'd put ur political career in jeopardy because they'll easily crush u even if u were right u'll not get enough media attention and will be marked as a lunatic or whatever. they'll keep feeding the current model for as long as they can. even at ur children's expense
dude just put solar panels on ur rooftop. find cheap ones from ebay, for example those flexible types. they'll give u all the electricity u need and more. they'll pay off in 5-10years. after which u'll be a rich dude cos u're not wasting no more on paying ever raising electricity bills. plenty of people has already done this and it's just ridiculous people aren't focusing on this as a solution. it'd even power ur electric car. fuck the oil. leave oil for the industry is what i say
talk about oil reserves is basically just a way to manipulate the economy and the prices of oil. they're just pulling numbers out of their asses. there's plenty of evidence against saudi-arabia for doing so for example. u guys have to realize over 90% of oil's price is tax. it's the governments doing this, and behind the government is the bankers who are basically behind it all also have u heard that oil isn't made of dead fossils afterall, but bacteria grows it. even 99% empty dwells refills
the Green River formation - 1.5 Trillion barrels. Look it up
the Bakken play in north america has potential from 100 - 450 billion barrels found in 2000... there will be others!
I hear a lot of evidence that seems to point towards to localising food production and creating living communities that warship the wealth that is in our soils: to be able to grow. maybe going on the way we've gotten used to isn't in the cards?
A stunning, honest, sincere video. Thumbs up!

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Coal is extracted from the ground by coal mining, either underground by shaft mining, or at ground level by open pit mining extraction.


Coal is primarily used as a solid fuel to produce electricity and heat through combustion. World coal consumption was about 7.25 billion tonnes in 2010 The price of coal increased from around $30.00 per short ton in 2000 to around $150.00 per short ton as of September 2008. In early 2015, it was trading near $56/ton.