Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  Game of Thrones The Long Night Longer? Director 'Policed' by D & D

Game of Thrones The Long Night Longer? Director 'Policed' by D & D

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About: Game of Thrones The Long Night Longer? Director 'Policed' by D & D

No it would not have changed the long night for me or the show I believed the show went off the rails as soon as they strayed from the source material
Gary... you seem to kinda miss him repeatedly throwing the gauntlet down at D&D's feet. "These were decisions they made," from the episode-specific stuff to editing and darkness... he does everything except say that D&D are outright idiots... and he says it frequently. He just sounds burned out as hell on GoT battles and D&D. Reminds me of a certain football Head Coach that led his team to the Super Bowl and Playoffs every year... but got fired in 3 years because players AND ownership just got tired of his shit. Jumps jobs every couple years, despite limited success (he never wins the big ones).

Starting to think D&D have the same personality type that just wears people out after awhile... when he talks about how they dig in... you know they did that to the cast too... except the actors can't leave for Altered Carbon and do just 1 or 2 episodes a season.
Otherwise, great recap of this interview.
It’s called the long night. Not the dark night. Just because it’s called the long night doesn’t mean it has to be unwatchable. Long night is a reference to the night lasting a long time not being where you can’t see. I’ve been in the wood at night and I can see perfectly. Your eyes adjust to the darkness. But that was bs. I understand with sry movies and suspenseful movies you wan it hard to see what’s going on to add to the suspense but this was dumb. I could see most of it but what’s the point of having a nice 4K tv if they make it so hard to watch
You’re buying the Blu-ray you’re a better man than me. I have better was to burn money than buying a Blu-ray when I already know the story was a piece of shit.
The director did an awesome job with the battle. It was epic. But towards the end it was ridiculous because it looks like only 10 people were alive. There were so many dead army you couldn’t see he people who were alive fighting. It’s just towards then end of the long night it become over the top.
"challenge accepted" LOL
DD rushed season 8 of GoT, becase they were in a hurry go meet KK for Star Wars? DD + KK = 💖
I just love the fact that D&D hated Miguel's unique style because they wanted continuity between the show, and yet they broke continuity at every turn with the changing landscapes and recasts.
i mostly hate that we have 8 seasons of a series, yet in none is there any backstory to the ice king, who is he,how did he get ice etc. like he wants the seers dead (old guy in the tree ,bran), okay, but why...
Altered Carbon was a great show. Looking forward to season 2!
sounds like the boy says nerdiuretic dot com
At this point only a sucker would by the Blu-ray of the final season.
This guy kinda sucks
9:40 and Jeyne Pool!
0:50 not at all. Okay it might have made a few fun moments here and there but it does not fix my main issues with the writing and the implications for the rest of the story. It will be just as shit with some more covering
Me no
Simply season 1 got screwed by ignoring sansa friend didnt existed.
This triggered series of events leading to season 5 failure six seven and eight failures.
Hey shouldn't have come back after the Stannis argument.
He said more by NOT saying...we all know who is really to blame here...
Some people complained that it was too long

“The Long Night”

It’s obvious

They should have known it was going to be long
I so agree with Miguel: battles bore me as well--they are confusing to the eye generally, and pointless in story for the most part. It's like the fascination with UFC, or boxing, battles are spectacles for low brow entertainment and for violence's sake alone.

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