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Firewalking | National Geographic

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Take a look in the comments,there are crazy people lmao :)
Btw the rhythm isnt half bad
is this practice derived from the thracians?
Totally bullshit, This is a thracian pagan tradition and northern greece is Bulgaria.
Norden Greece...or Bulgaria....
1:45 that christian molla guy tries to humiliate them. although he just looks like al queda without any dignity he has the audacity to say anastenarias in wrong way.
The guy was on a religious high and knew Firewalking techniques before walking. 
It's all about mental preparation and technique. No gods or rituals required. Or even "special powers"
ancient grecoroman world is our area...
Remarkably exactly the same history and rituals performed as in Bulgaria, by the Nestinari; two places, same story. May the Fire Ritual bring its light and warmth over our nations and protect our families. Greetings from Bulgaria !
I have walked, danced, and picked up glowing hot coals at ceremony. I am an amateur scientist and avid follower of quantum physics. I am quite certain that humans are capable of generating more energy in our mind, body, and soul than any coals.
This i didn't know, only having exposure to genuine instances and the astonishment, gratification, joy and love of the participants, for many of whom it is a direct introduction to their own divinity and that of everything, Redskin. If you want to go deeper into this, my Facebook Wall is public, and the name i was forced to use (having only the one legal name, Nityanandi) is Nityananda Nityanandi. Glad with the discovery of how you really are.
To be plain, the fire is Consciousness, the firewalkers are Consciousness. When they converge in the heady space of cognition, it happens. Fire does not burn fire. Consciousness does not burn Consciousness. And this is You; and the miracles you see work same way. Best wishes. Your high inner nature was recognizable despite your temporary nonsense, hence i began communicating.
Redskin, wonderful, but i was just saying Everything is Consciousness. It emanates realities, like superstring theory, as hyperspace: the basic energy and radiation-mass unit. Einstein said core geometry, active architecture of space, is "the thoughts of God". It is the quest of physicist & world-renowned mathematician, Edward Witten. Quantum physicist Niels Bohr said Buddha & q physics confronted same epistemological and ontological problems. All major quantumists were avowed mystics.
Friend, "psyching them out" can be acknowledged, as the work is cognitive. Everything is Consciousness, existing through the stepdown commutators of energy, space-time-mass. "Wet feet" is no explanation. Accurate speech honors your own comprehension of matters.
Accustomed to miracles by direct experience, i won't be doing that, but did chase up "conceptual physics". Only observe your different experiences of night and sleep. Only relax. Be comfortable. Let things be what they are. You may realize things you have always realized.
You and i are thinking together. I thought of you today. All you have to do is wet your feet and try walking on coals hot enough to melt aluminum. Nice we're on the same lines of thought. If wetting one's feet were enough, no firewalker would be burned, but in fact there are frequent terrible burns, quite unavoidable by any physical expedient.
Everyone can go into trance. All of us do it in early childhood. Be happy.
If this is how you feel, love him. Be gentle, kind and respectful to the man. It is the life of God that was breathed into our common ancestor, in the Biblical allegory. It was a teaching tale, with beautifully constructed symbolism. We are all One Life, sharing the life, the Consciousness, of God. Be kind.
If you will give yourself the advantage of checking on YouTube, the Guinness World Record setter, unless it also happened elsewhere outside of competition conditions, went about 45 feet or meters; i forget. Now. I wish you well. Come home to yourself.
Nonsense, and no evidence for your assertion. Among incidents attested in "Dancing in the Fire" (by Michael Sky), one man lay down flat on the glowing embers. He was bone dry; it happened spontaneously, and not a hair on his head was singed even slightly, nor the clothes, nor the rubber tips of crutches, etcetera. Why be hotly against it? Why offer lies to dispute it? WHY? What do you gain !? You're only reducing your own tremendous power.
The Spirit.

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Coal is primarily used as a solid fuel to produce electricity and heat through combustion. World coal consumption was about 7.25 billion tonnes in 2010 The price of coal increased from around $30.00 per short ton in 2000 to around $150.00 per short ton as of September 2008. In early 2015, it was trading near $56/ton.