Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  Exploring Multiple Levels in the Atlas Mine

Exploring Multiple Levels in the Atlas Mine

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


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Are you sure that was a rat at 1:52? He had a very bushy tail!
The old winch is called a tugger!
Why are all the stopes "massive"? No just "large" or "big"?
Very nice. Thank you!!!
That bench at 2:40 was created by driving a pair of drill bits into the wall with support plates on the ends to keep the bench planks from falling off. The slanted drifts around 5:48 were following the smooth wall of a fault. Gold and silver ore would collect along fault lines.
That "winch" is actually called an "Air Tugger", and was commonly used on a Drag Line to drag ore / waste to a Grizzly & Ore Pass. - < Doc - Miner for nearly 50 years > .
After reading through the comments, I'm left wondering if the winch may have been used for a sort of drag line. Couldn't tell how it was positioned compared to the stope, but it didn't seem like something for a man way. Air lines could break/seize/fail way to easy.
anazing mine, surprised they didnt sell that winch :)
Pretty extensively worked!  Very cool!  Thanks for the tour!
Great job filming nice steady shots. Really enjoyed seeing all the equipment. It reminded me of the Union Mine up here.
A little wet but not to wet. What's the word I'm looking for?? MOIST! That's it! That mine was moist! lmao
Yep that's an Idaho mine lol. Wet as hell. A raincoat was part of our daily wear in the Bunker Hill. Interesting how they used two drill bits to hold the workbench up (on the first level). You can see the ends of them poking out at around 2:30. Big stopes which aren't unusual for Idaho mines. You can see they did some roof bolting here and there and there aren't a ton of stulls so it must have been a pretty stable mine. I doubt if it closed due to collapse as it does seem pretty stable. The levels were probably close due to following the ore veins. The platforms in the stopes were used as a place to set the jackleg drills. At one time I am sure there were more platforms higher up. They may have taken them out to re use the lumber. Depending on the age of the mine they would have used either dry (just compressed air) or wet (air with water for dust) jacklegs. Nice job documenting the mine. You guys be safe in my old sttomping grounds.
Great video:) fantastic video quality:)
Good work enjoyed watching
Still laughing at myself haha. #hereinmygarage #gotmyLAMBORGHINI This was super fun though. Ill get around to uploading my video soon
such a intresting mine to explore well done mate
Great vid bro keep it up I love your stuff. Be safe and keep exploring
Those stopes were enormous. Actually, the whole mine was pretty big, but those stopes were something else. That was cool seeing the rails suspended in the air between the different levels and their use as a rodent expressway.
Great explore thanks. Those ladders were actually in pretty good shape for the most part. There didn't seem to be much distance between the levels hey? What did the outside look like? Any buildings or tailings?
strange upload time. I will have to watch tonight

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