Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  Excerpt from The Battle of Orgreave

Excerpt from The Battle of Orgreave

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This was Waterloo for the English working class...look at the shit country we live in now..Fuck that cunt Thatcher.
The violent strikers were just thugs...plain and simple.
All the Old Bill banging on there shields with there truncheons acting all hard, cunts all of them, the miners should have got in there and given them all a kicking. Like to see the old Bill work down the coal face and see how real work is done ACAB...
Sad day for democracy.
They were well trained. They learned their lessons from earlier miners strikes. Watching this reminds me a bit of the Roman legions. Let there be no room for ambiguity: I wanted the miners to win that strike.
The folks of Glasgow danced when Thatcher died and what was unfair was she allow Essex boy yuppies and the smart Public school and tax dodger class to make a mint speculating whilst brutalizing these hard working miner lads.

Her name is still hated in many parts of the British isles.

Nails would have sorted the horses out.
Apparent in the film,the police were armed,the miners unarmed.Call that fair ?
How unfit were people in those days? The fat miners trying to jog and the unfit police trying to chase them. The miners must have been well supported by the public, coz they looked like they were getting their fair share of pies. Scargill fell down and pretended to have been attacked - hilarious; he did OK recently though with the sale of his £2 million flat at the Barbican (bought under Maggie's 'right to buy'). Scargill's wealth is nothing though compared to Foot (left £5 million) or the multi-millionaire Kinnock. Blair's wealth is off the charts though. I'm not sure that the miners did as well as their union leaders and politicians. Socialism is a lie as it is always led by self-centred, position-chasing, power-hungry people who always know that they will benefit financially, supported by their gullible followers. To the manor born, millionaire Corbyn and his cronies are next in line. Suckers!
Desert Island Discs brought me here
I’m so glad thatchers dead 😂
3,000 dead and many hundreds injured some battle.
so 5000 pickets turn up at a coking plant to shut it down and the police are the bandies for enforcing the law and rights of the workers in this plant, its a joke i understand there maybe an enquiry now if Corbyn is elected well i hope it is to also prosecute those pickets that regarded extreme violence as a legitimate right, the police only stood up to those thugs who thought they had the right to bully people and anyone who thought that the police would send only a couple of offices to control a mob of 5000 miners is an idiot and they got all they deserved people like scargill had no interest in miners he just used them as pawns in his anti government agenda as history has no shown
The fascist scum would probably have the tasers out now.
The sheer entitlement from these miners and their ilk is staggering. Their ability to cripple to workforce by 'drop all tools' was not going to be allowed anymore. Socialist tendencies tend to fuck up anything they are attached to.

3 day weeks?

Petrol being rationed?

Trash piled up outside your house?

Im a carpenter now and im constantly asked to work weekends (and I do, sometimes).

I dont care that id be a scab. I dont care that you want me in your union. I dont care how unpleasant that'd make my career, I have a family to feed.

Get lost and get your nose to the grindstone like im doing. Thank you Maggie for at least getting the unions from way back then cut back down to size.

Disagree? Ask anyone from the 70's about the 3 day week or the winter of discontent...... or isn't from a mining village.
Hardly a battle.
Great shooting.
Riot police in shirt and ties... those were the days lol
they wernt police they were army parrachote reg. dressed up in police uniforms i know this
Massive pride I feel knowing that both my grandfather s were miners and most likely there grandfather's too people who fought for there jobs families friends an community indeed there way of life.
Look at the daft twats banging on their shields! Ha ha, do they think they're Zulus?

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