ETHlargement Creator SPILLS The Beans on FPGA Mining! OhGodAGirl Interview Part 01

ETHlargement Creator SPILLS The Beans on FPGA Mining! OhGodAGirl Interview Part 01

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About: ETHlargement Creator SPILLS The Beans on FPGA Mining! OhGodAGirl Interview Part 01

Do you think GPU miners should switch focus entirely to FPGA?
Woof! Let's do an intro tune for you!
idk what shes referring to tho cuz scientists are not the ones setting up their compute mainframes
maybe nvidia provides support to businesses without the funding to have programmers by creating turnkey solutions albeit limited in terms of customization
but for the most part amd crushes in compute all the way from real time encryption algos to pure deep learning algos
i used to be into nvidia a long time ago until i got into hashcat in 2014 which lead me into crypto
How hard is it to write a code for gtx 1070 ti ?
Damned pedestrians!!
I work for a logistics company in Ohio (Rush Transportation) and we have an office 2 hours from SQRL. I'm very interested in SQRL's products because I'm a GPU miner. Currently I'm mining ETH, but if I can get 2x or more the hash from my rigs on other algos, i'm on board. I'm just wondering if I only need one of those per rig. All of my rigs have 5+ GPUs each. Also, do I have to use SQRL's mining program for it to work.
This comment is not directed at ANYONE else but the guys from squirrellresearch and mineority:

The price of the Acorn for ETH/XMR on one site is 130 bucks higher than the other one, with the date of delivery of one month+. This very much looks like a Bitmain-style cash grab, to "test" the hardware. I will not be buying any of the Acorns any time soon, until everything looks legit. Sorry, just a personal opinion. Maybe you needed more funds ahead, maybe the reason escapes me altogether, but ehh, whatever, Acorn nuts in people's mouths.
Matt over at 'The Technicals' bought one of those FPGAs and a colleague of 'Olivier Tremois' (over at Xilinx - a DSP specialist // engineer) linked him a video on youtube about their FPGA (not fully related to crypto or anything) and in the sidebar/recommended was his (matt's) first part on the FGPA. He watched it and left a very technical reply in teh comments and matt reached out for an interview (or maybe it was the other way around). Anyways - don't mean to shill for another channel, great interview here, but for people looking for some more technical information about FGPAs check out their interview here;

Maybe you can get him on too Seth?
Hi! Where can I buy or get the OhGodAnETHlargementPill-r2 for Nvidia 1060 6g

Anyone can bring their fpga hybrids or cards to to mine altcoins!

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How do you charge for the bitstream and what other algorithms are you going to release and when?
Great interview, and great chemistry! She has an infectious excitement that makes me want to fall even deeper down the rabbit hole.
Whats to keep Nvidia from buiding FPGAs?
So are the FPGAs focused on cryptonight new algo?
Hey is Kristy going to develop her own BTC asic?
Hey Seth, Kristy was just about to say something about the memory brands (Hynix,Micron or Samsung etc)overclock ability and was distracted, did she follow that up somewhere else?
golem network already provides way to buy and sell computing power on the blockchain. For now it's only cpu support, but pretty soon there will be gpu support too. All a miner has to do is to install their program and open specific ports. I already make money this way. It's usually 2bucks worth of golem tokens a day using cheap AMD RYZEN 5. Cheack it out...
Thumps up for her excellent work!
#Sonm #Snm 🚀🚀

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