Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  Equipment loaded collapsing abandoned talc mine

Equipment loaded collapsing abandoned talc mine

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Idiots in action. If these dubasses get stuck in a mine I think we would be better off leaving them there. No regards for safety what so ever.
That's a way cool mine. Any information on years of production or at least when did it close? It looked like the miners had just left not too long ago except for the caved sections. Would that mucker fit on the elevator? I'm wondering how much had to be stripped off to get it down there and then why was it left. So many mines were so profitable that it just wasn't worth it to pay miners to remove equipment like the mucker, hoisting motors, ore carts, and the like. I guess that large gray electrical motor that operates the hoist would have been difficult to remove by the hoist. I've never had much experience with talc mines and I thought that talc ore was talc that had a lot of country rock mixed in that had to be removed. No chemicals, no shaker tables, just a pretty much straightforward removal of all material that was not talc. True? Thanks for sharing this mine.
Boy, what all that equipment must have cost, especially the hoist system and just to walk off and leave it all. Amazing!
Great video. Great equipment find.
Why no bring in a small generator and power up the lights
who is the idiot thats gambling with his life going under broken timbers to see whats on the other side,WHO CARES WHATS ON THE OTHER SIDE. I guess if we see no more vids from you guys your under tons of rock rotting.
I’m gonna find that mine and steal every can just to piss you off, he’ll I’m bringing a chisel and hammer so you’ll have a heart attack.
If I recall correctly aesbestos naturally coexists with talc and Johnson and Johnson dealt with lawsuits over exposure due to this cause decades ago. Aesbestos also cosists with jade.
Was great seeing the guys horse around with those ore carts. Because you know the original young miners had to be doing that..
those wheels are called SHEAVE wheels not sheath, sheathing is what goes on the outside of yer house
that's to bad they would leave that stuff down there a collector or some one would like to own that kind of stuff
You guys are crazy, I can't imagine how much Asbestos you just inhaled/ingested! Thing is you won't have any symptoms from a minimum of 10 years all the way to 50 years. Johnson Baby powder has just been sued and to pay over 6.32 billion dollars in Asbestos related cancer cases to around 22 women. There is at least another 9000 cases they are facing! R.I.P guys ;( that was the cleaned Talc too not raw mine Talc that is always found near Asbestos.
Well darn, you guys didn't video how tight the ladders are to go down. That would have been a good video.
Glad you made a video Drake, i am bummed to know that incline collapsed and no more access. It's an amazing mine. The best mine i ever found. I am glad i shared with you so there is this video for all to see. I don't recall if i warned you about all the collapsed areas. I explored every bit of that mine and all those nasty tunnels. I wore a mask of course. HAHA , getting in, i nearly dislocated my shoulder as there was a net over the shaft. Had too hang a moment to get around it and back onto the ladder, scary moment. Kudos to a great video.
Oh my gosh we along with my close railway friend Andrew have to have to see this id care what it takes but whoahhhh
Amazing video. I've seen several other mine explores, but this is the first I've stumbled across with the equipment in place. This clarified a lot of questions that I had about how mines worked. Glad to see all that great stuff!

And judging from other comments, I'm glad that you didn't disclose the location... ...else all that cool stuff wouldn't be there for others to see... ...and I'd still not understand the workings / purpose. Thanks
The very first mine I ever did. Brings back memories.
At both ends
Those Pepsi cans stopped being used in the late 70s early 80s. I wonder why these mines were left with all their equipment. That motor has to be worth tens of thousands. Did they think they’d return? Did the price collapse?
Wow. For being abandoned at least 40 years the mine is in great shape. Equipment wise that is.

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