Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  Economic Update: Employees VS Employers — Endless Tensions

Economic Update: Employees VS Employers — Endless Tensions

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


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I often share your videos.
Ok I hear you. So how do you really
Go about creating a law that puts worker advocates on the boards of companies in America. What are the necessary steps. I would love to do this but I have no experience
mitbestimmung probably stems from the work of E Edwards Demming and what he did for the Japanese auto industry along similar lines. If you don't think it was effective, just go to Detroit. As side note, he did offer his advice to Detroit before he went to Japan.
This should have 200 Million views. The Misery from lower class in UK and USA is all explained in this video.
Prof. Wolff, you're such a decent human being. I'm becoming a landlord this year, so I will temper any future eviction situations with more humanity. Thanks for the heads-up.
AMAXON DOT .............................. CORPORATION. Eat it, Besos, besa me cuuuuuulooooooooooooo
What about the trauma and trouble for the property owner? And the tenants leave owing MUCH MORE than $600 plus damage and court costs. These figures are completely inaccurate and misleading. Come on, Mr. Wolff!!
Will we ever get to see the professor Richard Wolf debate, Ben Shapiro or Jordan Peterson? I love to watch a hero of the left take down one of these Advocates of the right.
Shut up, rascal! you are sucking communist, go to hell,immediately!!!!
Happy International Marx Day of Democracy and Freedom and Cinco De Mayo! Super Marx N O W !
You would think that after economic liberalization (neoliberalism) led to the French Revolution and the Great Depression, that we as a nation would have rejected this insane, psychopathic economic policy.  However, it was established again in its current virulent, globalized form in the 1970's and it has been killing us ever since.  These kinds of economic policies are severely destructive to the population, the economy and even to the Nation but the elites get so rich through these predatory policies because they transfer wealth very quickly.  We need laws that punish politicians and hold them accountable to damaging the population.  Sneaky capitalists will never stop ruining us to get rich until politicians fully understand they will be held accountable for damage to the society.  How is it that I can loose my job if I make a mistake that costs a corporation money, yet a politician can enact policy that ruins millions of lives and walk away rich?
My Dad was on 400k nzd salary , guess what he wasn't a millionaire until he sold his business after working 35 yrs very long hrs , the left down under can rot in hell with bill shorten ex union boss grub
and when are those of us that have to rent in the united states going to demand housing as a right under the ninth amendment of the constitution? housing should not be an investment opportunity for the rich, a way for the middle class to grow their wealth. it should be a RIGHT for all of us. a right that we don't have to work seven days a week for, a right we don't have to be financially burdened by, a right that doesn't cause us to be food insecure, a right that doesn't force us to choose between a roof over our heads and the medicine that keeps us alive.
go figure....a country that was ruled by flat-out fascism (not the sneaky kind now in existence in the united states) has a LAW that demands works have a seat on the board of directors proportional to the size of the company. i currently work for a mega-corp in the united states that would be vastly improved by a few workers in board meetings telling the penny-pinching executives staring at numbers on a page that if they keep cutting workers their company will fail sooner rather than later, that maybe those bad customer service scores are directly related to how badly they treat their workers...not in america. let's just let the rich exploit the working class into the ground, let's let the venture capitalists consolidate our economies into monopolies and sell off the parts for their own benefit (no severance pay for toys r us workers) and pump out propaganda about the evils of unions and act like this is a god-given (therefore infallible) way to run our society. sounds a lot like feudalism to me...
small and medium business owners pay 70% tax in Australia , why wages have been stagnant 50 yrs . Some moron on here is saying its business fault in Australia he isn't earning enough capital , when all business are struggling here this last decade there is a reason there is less money in the local economy Government greed . Left are toast in Australia not elected in 5 yrs . Since Hawke 80s small and medium business owners earnings are far less than today , the also consumers that spend a lot in the local economy than average consumers . in Australia we raised the min wage and there was no increase in demand locally , there was less demand locally .More demand online shopping overseas in 10 yrs . What encourages consumers to spend overseas because there is far less regulation and tax burden to deal with . America needs less government like Australia that has the biggest in the world
Anybody can help prevent evictions:
A problem with part time workers is they don't come if they can snag day work that pays more. After 3 times, when they did not even call and explain, I fired them.
In Germany you pay 33000 euros for a base a3 with 1.4 litre , shut your trap ;left idiot . Germany pay huge taxes and there is a lot of poverty in Germany
Unions want more and more, and so do captalists. If the company is going broke, the workers will flee. "I do not want to own the company, because it loses money and cannot be fixed!" Every worker has the right to quit! So does every company owner.

Coal stock

Coal is extracted from the ground by coal mining, either underground by shaft mining, or at ground level by open pit mining extraction.


Coal is primarily used as a solid fuel to produce electricity and heat through combustion. World coal consumption was about 7.25 billion tonnes in 2010 The price of coal increased from around $30.00 per short ton in 2000 to around $150.00 per short ton as of September 2008. In early 2015, it was trading near $56/ton.