Eastern Kentucky Coal Mines

Eastern Kentucky Coal Mines

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


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I got head in the coal mines here in west virginia we gay af
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my heart goes out to you all , here in the uk there are no coal mines left at all maybe one in the whole of uk is working and that is a small privately owned mine, it is not man or coal that causes what they call global warming its a natural secquence of change that mother earth goes through ; coal fired power stations could have smoke filtration systems installed that could take out all gasses and reburn them to make clean burn in the power stations .
How many UMW union bosses directed the men, the membership, men who's dues pays their salary; to vote Democrat. It was not a secret, any dumbass listening to what Ossama/obama would have clearly heard him say "and you're rates will necessarily skyrocket". What was he saying? He was saying that he was going to put a tax on coal fired power plants that would either put them out of business, or force them to spend super large sums of money to switch them to other fuels instead of coal. Do you remember what Hiltabeast said, she said it much more clearly, "I'm going to put coal miners out of business. That BS that the Dems are for the workin man was as much BS 100 years ago as it is now. read your history and look up what Granddaddy Dem FDR did to John L. Lewis, and the UMW in the 1940's.. Keep the union, clean house in the union, keep the union on union business (dealing with the company, and only the company, no union money spent on anything except UMW business not organizing somewhere else the other side of the world, or spent some place to elect Dems. ) vote against the Dems. If you don't you get what you deserve..
So happy President Trump got it. He for the coal mining man.
Is this song called never leave Harlan alive
Im from South Carolina been driving back and forth to Logan W.v to ride atvs since 1999 ,Starting in 2010 have been going to the Jenkins K.y area to ride also so many of the clips from the video i've been there seen my it self . Time to bring back the coal industry.
I'm a laid off coal miner worked for Sidney coal 12years, then worked at fool's coal on little mud 2yeArs my dad was a coal miner 25 years under his belt he worked along time on frozen creek standards sign and he worked strip job my grand paw worked United Steelers as a miner throughout 1930/40/(50s and on back great,2/3/4th grand fathers all coal miners now I'm without work raising my son on my own force to sell OUR HOME and go were work IS I really didn't think it happened in my life time coal leaving home may GOD bless all the coal miners and specially their families
That one video clip was on penny road right?
That blue stacker belt looks very familiar,I'm a former coal miner,was in an accident in 2011 getting crushed by a shuttle car while running a continuous miner losing my right leg & breaking my left in 29 places,come over & give me a sub & watch the video of mine were I explain the accident,,I subbed to you great video buddy!!
My name is Zach Thorn..both my great grandfathers owed and ran a few different mines ..I'm 32 and a 5th generation coal miner..I'm from north central WV ..Kingwood in Preston county..in the late 80s early 90s and up to 2000 there were 10 to 15 open underground mines in our county alone.now there's none..in earlier 90s pap was superintendent at Big Joe mine and I remember going to work and riding in the loader loading coal trucks...my pap and dad told me lots of good stories..the company me and my dad work for now is right north of Morgantown wv in Pennsylvania and is about to shut done in February 2018..that mine is still an hour and a half from home..The only thing left are far and few in between..I love it..it's in my blood..I've only worked for smaller companies...on my knees putting pins up..and crawling around..some standing up where top came down ..get to stretch lol..my pap started handloading for his dad and warmed until the mines e he ran shutdown and one more in Western Maryland until 97 ...
You gotta take what you can get even if it's minimum wage
My state has 6 coal fired power plants scheduled to convert to natural gas in the next 5 years.  Coal is dead.  It has done nothing but destroy the planet and keep Appalachia impoverished.  I have been lectured by many stupid people from eastern KY and southern WV that every time I turn on the lights I should thank coal miners.  Sorry, I converted my house to solar 13 years ago.
everyone can come back now. Trump will get your jobs back. The worst thing is the thought of these Kentuckians having to drink coal water just to work.
I hope coal stays shut down. It has done nothing but destroy our land, cause poverty, and give people cancer.
That's why I voted for trump! I hope he does what he says he will do. I think he can help coal miners. Hillary says put all miners out of work".
3rd generation coal miner here...I worked underground for over 25 years, & the past few years have almost killed this part of the country (Lee Co VA)...My Dad told me before he died in 2014 this was gonna happen, he told me in the fall of 2013, the coal business was in the worst shape he'd ever saw, & this was a man who worked as a coal miner from the 60's to the early 90's...As usual, the old man was right...What's so bad is not just the families of the actual miners, but all the other businesses as well, it's what kept this part of the country alive...

Just guessing, about half of my time underground was in Harlan Co., KY...It's really a shame the people who are supposed to look after our best interests (politicians), but instead have not only stuck the blade in our backs, they've twisted & cut as much off us as they could, laughing the whole time...
Obama has allowed the highest level of foreign steel dumping to occur under his watch. Hence the decrease in domestic Steel production. Coal for coking is a major ingredient which has further hurt the coal industry. Obama has also pushed the cost of subsidizing windmills and solar. Let's spend some money to continue development into clean coal energy technology. A lot of families have been affected as Obama has waged war on the coal mining industry. Where are the stories in the national media about it. Obama is quick to help out an illegal alien but turns the other way when it comes to the hardworking coal miners.

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Coal is extracted from the ground by coal mining, either underground by shaft mining, or at ground level by open pit mining extraction.


Coal is primarily used as a solid fuel to produce electricity and heat through combustion. World coal consumption was about 7.25 billion tonnes in 2010 The price of coal increased from around $30.00 per short ton in 2000 to around $150.00 per short ton as of September 2008. In early 2015, it was trading near $56/ton.