Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  Dying to breathe: Mongolia's polluted air | Unreported World

Dying to breathe: Mongolia's polluted air | Unreported World

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


About: Dying to breathe: Mongolia's polluted air | Unreported World

I'm crying, because I can't do ANYTHING to help these babies, all I can do is watch and that is what makes me depressed.
If I would become a billionaire i would donate thousands of heaters so they would not use coals😭poor babies.
Now amazon's burning.
What’s up with that goat over there 😂
Its more than sad from citarum river :"(
The earth is dying.. It's painful to watch
Guess that global warming is BS , based on your report of the temperature
That’s gonna be the whole earth soon the ocean is full of plastic and THE RAINFOREST HAS BEEN BURNING FOR 3 WEEKS
You know... At INL, they developed a liquid sodium nuclear reactor back in 1984 that is virtually immune to meltdown. Something like that could safely boil water via hermetic heat exchanger that could generate electricity or provide steam heat for thousands of residents.
Poor cows. Kisses to them
Mom: Get a breath of FRESH air
Wow it’s so polluted that you can even see or name one plant in sight
Ok I have asthma an this scary af
They have to get the babies somewhere else so yeah. Or else you can’t do much other than pray to god for a miracle to happen.
Why tho?
People start donating
So that them babies can live a great life
Please don’t pollute the air please save the earth and stop hurting it you hurt the earth it hurts you and other people.
I used to live in Ulaanbaatar and it was very polluted that sometimes I couldn’t see cars in front of us. And this should not be about pollution but, The food was also hard for us also. Well, my sister was a toddler, 3 years. And I was 4. I was born in Japan and my sister. But she was a baby when we moved. So she ate Mongolian food but me and my mom could not. My mom lost a lot of weight at 20 pounds. So basically we almost had no food cause it way unsanitary.
People with asthma be like; its not free real estate
Is the government so blind. Do they help anyone.

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