Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  Driving through Jenkinjones, McDowell County, W.Va.

Driving through Jenkinjones, McDowell County, W.Va.

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


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What is it about West Virginia? It pulls me like no other state and all I seem to hear is scorn for it. I have only seen it through this screen and yet I see it in Northern Wales and parts of England, I know of it's problems and feel close to it as I'm related to some of the people who went there. Little promoted in Europe as a place in America to 'see', it should be pointed out for its gorgeous countryside and that fact that it fuelled /fuels a huge industrial machine on the backs of men and women from everywhere else. Best Wishes
Music ruined the video.
No disrespect but could have did without the music
Born and raised in wheeling WV and the biggest problem is voting for rich scumbags! The people here vote against their own interest and I don't see nothing changing! Poor and poorer
I feel like WV is very forgotten about. My mamaw grewup in Welch,WV i get sad when we drive through.
Nice looking building on the left at about 1 30.
The song matches the feeling I get looking at videos of West Virginia. Depressing.
What Was the historic red brick building? At the end of the video?
This is a prime example of a state that put all of its eggs in one basket, and the basket broke and broke the eggs everywhere. Coal is dead. Coal is never coming back. The state needs to just buy those people out and send them to an area to live where they can prosper and do better for themselves. McDowell, Boone, Wyoming, Lincoln and Logan Counties are economic disasters, no thanks to a dirty little rock called Coal.
I drove through backroads W VA on my way to a job in VA, and it was just depressing.
Does anyone know what road this is? (Serious, please)
so many missed opportunties.. they have the ressource like wood and enough industrial space to build shops for furnitures, special wood work, maybe some companies for "prebuild-houses".. why not some sort of leather manufacturing.. they do not need to make big bucks... but enough to live with dignity.. sadly nobody did care and nobody gave them good advice after the closing down of all these mines.. a lot of this decline could have been cushioned by proper analysis and truthful consulting.. and that should have been in part the duty of the government and also the duty of these companies who made a lot of money taking the ressources...
A horribly ugly part of the country
Just goes to show when the mines prospered it brought jobs and some prosperity to the people of West Virginia and when they closed ghost towns were left behind. The unfairness is that the mine owners left rich while those that worked the mines remained poor. At least today's miners can make a good middle class living.
Like, for sure!
The land of you got a Perdy mouth
I grew up dirt poor in a very similar place on the Ohio side......those were the happiest days of my life....
Poor sure, but their is a pureness and beauty to the place.
Unfortunately for West Virginia, this is the first impression most people get when you mention this otherwise beautiful, scenic, mountainous state.

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