Digging for Hope: Inside an Ohio coal mine

Digging for Hope: Inside an Ohio coal mine

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


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Даешь стране угля, хоть мелкого но докуя)
Get those 50 guys back to work yet well don't hold your breath boys,& especially you the guy Donald Trump paid to make this video because it ain't happening under Trump,and before you go screaming I don't know nothing about coal, let me educate your ass a little bit. I'm Cherokee Irish out of Peytonsburg Kentucky my father is out of Hazzard,& my mother Burkesville.. her family his family our famil ,& most of us in general have dug coal all our lives,although I did go to hauling coal after a certain amount of years..Donald Trump played you miners like a cheap flute,blowing just enough smoke up your ass to get you to make any sound he wanted and you did,but all is not lost when the liar runs again you'll know bette, because you'll probably lose even more miners to layoffs and mine closings by then, and if you doubt that talk to soy bean farmers who have all lost their livelihoods,& now depending on a welfare check once a month to pay their bills. Donald Trump promised to save Farms and Farmers to,but instead he put them on welfare,and if you think it's not going to get worse guess again. Donald Trump is currently trying to put us at War to cover up this nightmare,& China has wipeed their ass on us.. Donald Trumps tariffs left a bad taste in their mouth, so China won't be buying our coal for a while, and maybe never again.Even if we do dig the mountain tops off,and Coal is falling out of our assholes,where do we unloaded it at. who's going to buy it, now that Donald Trump has every country in the world so pissed off at himm they can't see straight,because of his Tariffs..Just who do you genius think purchases most of America's coal that would be China,and believe me when I tell you China has plenty of cold they can dig for their selves, and they can buy it way cheaper from Russia,and even North Korea.. Don't tell me you're so stupid you don't know how close China and North Korea is,so how much does Donald Trump's tariffs really affect China.. Donald Trump's tariffs have no bearing on China whatsoever they are growing their own soybeans North Korea is selling them coal,& so is Russia secretly under the table..most of America's coal before Donald Trump's stupid Tariffss was shipped to China,& now because of Donald Trump's tariffs Coal is secretly piling up in Baltimore New York ,& All Points West.Practically Every Harbor in the nation has coal stockpiled up All over the port,& the true disaster resulting from Donald Trump tariff nightmare is yet to be told,because Donald Trump is trying to hide it all with a world war,however some of us are in the know because we work at these ports driving truck,and we see it everyday..The bottom is out of Donald Trumps paper bag,and Pretty soon caol will be so cheap across the states they'll be giving it away and that's good for American energy producers,but it sucks for you guys and Wall Street, and when Wall Street suffers coal miners suffer.. give it a few more months, and see if what I'm saying isn't true, but don't buy stock in coal, and just in case prepare yourself for a World War,because believe me Donald Trump is the type to start one,before he ever gets busted in his lie... however after all this craziness if you still want to vote for Trump,while you're standing in the unemployment line,or your sons headed off to war, well go ahead.. Hell if I know anything I know for a fact that coal miners are a thick bunch of back-breaking providers,who doesn't care all that much about politicking,& so you're bound to hang in there,and play your cards out. I can respect that most of you have been working like slaves all of your live, and for very little with everybody promising you the Moon in exchange for your vote,and nobody ever delivers, but sadly enough Donald Trump won't be the exception this I can promise you you, but at least you do have an excuse to be in the dark,and not know what's going on, because nothing changes much in the darkness of a coal mine,where all a man pretty much worries about is listening for The Blasters call keeping the top up over his head,and making sure the canary don't fall to the ground, thought I'd throw a little 1949 Miner humor into the mix...in the world of politics you are more important than you realize, so don't let your vote be played Most people gave Donald Trump their vote simply for a tax cut,& it didn't have nothing to do with a coal miner's needs like feeding their children,or paying a mortgage... These people blend in with you at Trump rallies,while pretending to feel your pain,as if they truly had a clue.Most of them have never seen A Hard Day's Work in their life, and. they played you all along knowing that you would believe they truly give a s*** about your families hardships, and your day-to-day struggle just to take care of them , when in all actuality most are Donald Trump's friends,or a bunch of billionaire Liars copping out on working people trying to get a tax break...these people don't know nothing about coal mining they don't know a damn thing about what you,and yours have had to endure just to put food on the table, they are a bunch of Pretenders. many of them have never even gotten their hands dirty,& all of them were born into money.They your bosses, Big Time corporate owners pretending to be you and celebrating your Donald Trump victory,which they planned all along.. this election has been years in the making. Donald Trump has been putting this plan together for decades,and coal miners we're the only way to make it to successful,which means you are nothing more than a mark.. all working people really are a mark in Donald Trump's eyes, and of course Clansman racist,and people that are in all actuality unknowingly hating on all of God's children, when they are hating on just one, because if you remember well are southern mothers and fathers taught us that all life is precious,& that tidbit of proud Christian reflection is meant for us southern folk,and particularly Mike Pence and family. who I believe is a man that keeps his word,& who knows maybe he'll be our Salvation in these hard time.. hopefully he'll follow through with Donald Trump's promise to coal miners mend the fences with China,and then make soybean Farmers whole again.. southern people and coal miners in particularly please don't get away from your raising, and rember what our forefathers taught us in the Christian church,we are supposed to love all of God's children,and no man is beneath another.. okay then I'm out,,and you can believe me if you want to,because I'm one of you like it or not,& cut from the same cloth only unlike Donald Trump I love God Almighty,and all of mankind. my family is Donald eugine gray his father was Odell Gray and his father was Clarence Gray my uncles are Tucker couch Hundley ,& Spears all coal miners and all of the Appalachian..I am a Republican Born and Raised by hell,and unlike Donald Trump I have never been a Democrat...feel free go ahead give my famly names a Google,and see if I don't know a little bit about what I'm saying..we all want coal back,but the only way we're getting it back is if we put an honest leader in our White House,and not a smoke blowing liar .
Still horrible for the environment
My very first job was in a coal mine . At 18 straight from high school . It was a rude awakening to adulthood . This life leads to a lot of alcohol abuse and other bad things . It was the best job so far though . You have daily targets and the goal chasing is exciting and the machinery gives you a good head start technical wise . Now there's nothing in electrical engineering that scares me . I get work very easy , I got head hunted at 23 years of age out of my home country ( Zimbabwe ). I have had the best possible outcome career wise from the mining industry .
Tom Jones didn't wanna go down the mine to blow up coal so he became a sex bomb.
I dont know anything about coal mining. Why does the floor need to be so low?
you dont do it if u dont love it? lol tell that to my ancestors
Just another rightwing add. Coal is dead like many industries. Move on.
Anyone coal mining in ohio able to help me get an entry level job. I'm in southern ohio,2 kids and another coming in 3 months 27 years old. I'll take all the hours offered
Pay gap and white male privilege in action.
What are you hoping for? Make your boss richer and your health from breathing coal dust all your life better? Keep your head buried in the coal pile. Your end is near! Close them all!
A job where a black man couldn’t do. A Mexican can tho
I bet a women could totally do that job, right guys? I mean I hear feminists saying all the time that women can do anything a man can, right guys? Guys??
Matt first thing you should do is show your kids how to respect to our flag. I've been a WV coal miner for 23 years and a Marine for 5 years Vietnam Vet. for 13 months. One thing I learned is we wasn't given these freedoms, We had to fight for them go to a National Cemetery and look around that is what it cost to be able to work in a coal mines and play basketball. When I see someone standing with their hands behind there backs it sort of pisses me off. The men and women that died to give us these freedoms is this the way we should pay them back? They didn't have the chance to come home to work and make good money or play basketball. Think about it.
Guys are very brave God bless you all
Im from cleveland
Surprised illigals ain't doing this job, especially they are all about Counstruction and other manual labor work
its between life and death😔
They should go work for Rock quarries, Coal might be dying but we will always need rock. Unless we get rid of roads and stop building foundations for our homes and buildings.
It’s a great job to have. I’ve done it for years it’s not that bad. I can provide for my family very well. Thank God!!

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Coal is extracted from the ground by coal mining, either underground by shaft mining, or at ground level by open pit mining extraction.


Coal is primarily used as a solid fuel to produce electricity and heat through combustion. World coal consumption was about 7.25 billion tonnes in 2010 The price of coal increased from around $30.00 per short ton in 2000 to around $150.00 per short ton as of September 2008. In early 2015, it was trading near $56/ton.