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Dark As A Dungeon By Tennessee Ernie Ford - Fallout 76

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Whoever chose the songs for the radio need to get 95% of the profits of this game
Can’t say I’m related to any Miners but I’m related to Farmers who worked in the Mountains of Donegal in Ireland. Both Hard Labour I suppose
👍 Хорошая музыка
Darkest dungeon anyone?
When your stuck in the ash heap
It’s so weird how the style of his singing is so closely related to Johnny Cash. Blow my mind
Tennessee Ernie Ford has an amazing voice
Come all you young fellers, so young and so fine,
And seek not your fortune in the dark, dreary mine.
It will form as a habit and seep in your soul,
'Til the blood of your veins runs black as the coal.
Where it's dark as a dungeon and damp as the dew,
Where the dangers are many and the pleasures are few,
Where the rain never falls and the sun never shines,
It's dark as a dungeon way down in the mines.

It's many a man I have seen in my day,
Who lived just to labor his whole life away.
Like a fiend with his dope or a drunkard his wine,
A man must have lust for the lure of the mine.


I hope when I'm gone and the ages do roll,
My body will blacken and form into coal.
Then I'll look down from the door of my Heavenly home,
And pity the miner a diggin' my bones.

The midnight, the morning, the breaking of the day,
Are the same to the miner who labors away.
Where the demons of death often come by surprise,
One slip of the slate and you're buried alive.
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Of course Spotify has every version on earth except this version......😐🙄👏👏👏...bravo....👏👏👏
This is so sad. Think if how life really was back then. Idk if I would survive. It was super unpredictable and unsafe for a Miner, not to mention the job was grueling. Good song, however.
Wow didn't know Tennessee Ernie ford sung this! Forever remember the miners of Logan county wv.
great song to lisen to in fallout 4 win u are in the trenches fighting hoards of gouals # brotherhood of steel for life
Im not sure is this is better pr worse then the Merle Travis version
I'll see you soon McArthur
this song actually describes how I feel about fallout 76 perfectly, where pleasures are few and it's dark as a dungeon but this hell hole still has joy
As laughably bad as 76 is, can we all agree its got some banger songs?
Yo if three people dislike it it’ll be 76
I love this song =) its sad how its talking about death but also beautiful

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