Dark As A Dungeon By Tennessee Ernie Ford - Fallout 76

Dark As A Dungeon By Tennessee Ernie Ford - Fallout 76

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


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Appalachia is a very peaceful landscape there
i don't know why but this song makes me think of my girlfriend
76 may be a gold mine for Toddy boy but he doe choose songs for his games
Listen, while you’re young.
Don’t seek your fortune in the mine.
You’ll get addicted, and it will be a part of you.
It’s dark as a dungeon, and damp as the dew.
There is no rain. No sun.
It’s dark.
I know so many guys that labored their lives away.
Death comes by surprise.
If the slate falls, you die.
After I die, my body will also become coal.
As I look down from heaven, I pity the miner, digging up my bones.
It’s dark as a dungeon, and damp as the dew. Where the danger is double, and the pleasures are few. Where the rain never falls and the sun never shines. It’s dark as a dungeon... way down in the mines.
I play this song everytime i venture in a mine in fallout
All rise for the Minecraft national anthem
We had to sing this in my 4th grade class good time's
As someone who lives near Camden park/point pleasant this game is pretty surreal
they may have nearly killed the game, but ill be damned if their choice of music isnt god tier
The wandering 76
Imagine if this game wasn't the wost Fallout game ever made. Makes the Tactics hate irrelevant
I am Australian, Big Bang theory bought me here. But I have friends who work as underground coal mines. Brilliant brave men who played a part in building our nation. Respect to coal miners, and the men who have passed.
I will be honest. The game is a mess of an online multiplayer game, but my God some of these songs rival F:NV. As a dude with Appalachian roots, this song just screams West Virginia Coal Mines, And it’s perfect for the setting of 76.
The miner's life doesn't sound fun at all. Skyrim lied to me.
Living in WV and the mines opening bavk up . ik ima hear this a lot more
Communist propaganda to keep american forces weak against the red menace. Lol
Fallout76, one of the loneliest games in the world (no NPC)
I would honestly like another game set in the Appalachian region maybe kentuck through in Cincinnati some way with Ft Knox
I keep expecting him to say "And when Sovngarde beckons, every one of us diiies"
holy fuck is this song ever depressing, yikes

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