Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  Dark As A Dungeon By Tennessee Ernie Ford - Fallout 76

Dark As A Dungeon By Tennessee Ernie Ford - Fallout 76

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About: Dark As A Dungeon By Tennessee Ernie Ford - Fallout 76

The game is so shit I dont even want to hear the music played on it. And I love Tennessee earnie Ford.
Who else plays Deep Rock Galactic ?
So... basically the whole song is about Black Lung disease and the dangers of working in a coal mine?
ok i will never play 76 but its sound trac is amazing
Ernie and Marty Robbins should have sung a damn song together they both have beautiful voices like for example in Marty's 'man walks amongst us' and ernies 'shenandoah' or this song its almost unfair that they died :(
When you listen to this closely its pretty sad
Reminds mi of miners strike in 80s
When you run out of torches inside a cave in minecraft
When you send a mercenary group to murder a bunch of miners
Fallout Games have the best ost ^^
Most of my family (on my mother's side) were miners until Thatcher closed the mines leaving them redundant. I can't imagine how hard they struggled to put food on the table. Back breaking labour for little luxuries
Could you people stick to the song, an early Slice of Americana? It’s a good thing that fallout introduces this music to other generations. And it’s great that some of you appreciate that music now. There’s no reason to get into a pissing contest over what game is or is not good. This is about the music... an impressive feat.
my grandpas from west virginia rip. ik some of my heritage was in coal mines. creep song if you really think about the words
Fallout 76 is good.
I love that fallout had been keeping a lot of artists like him alive, it's nice to hear a familiar voice sometimes
Had this song play at the end of red dead redemption 2
Dark as dungeon ? Is thare spiders in that dungeon ?

Am scared as F**k
Uh, guys, this song is DARK
It's a warning to anyone about to play Fallout 74

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