Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  D’Angelo Russell is the type of player that LeBron, Lakers need – Brian Windhorst | Get Up

D’Angelo Russell is the type of player that LeBron, Lakers need – Brian Windhorst | Get Up

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About: D’Angelo Russell is the type of player that LeBron, Lakers need – Brian Windhorst | Get Up

News on exaggeration...uhmmmm
Nothing new.
I just love to watch playoffs
He's not coming back to this sorry ass Laker team
He's said he'd love to play with Bron and AD.
DLo will never go back to the Lakers. Why should he sign with the team who gave up on him just TWO years ago.
I rather get pat Beverly, d rose and Lou Williams
Bring him and Swaggy P back. Man.... wouldnt that be a team.
Rondo is decent but he's no Dangelo
We always needed Dangelo
The Lakers let DLo go because he was selfish. Right before the Lakers were about to draft Zo, DLo had liked a post that the Lakers didn't need Lonzo because they had him. That's what really got him traded in addition to the Swaggy P incident. But the Lakers were planning to play both he and Zo in the backcourt. But it was obvious he didn't want to play with Lonzo. Ironically now, he may return to the Lakers. DLo was called a bust with the Lakers. In DLo's first year, the Lakers won 17 games and 27 in his 2nd year and he was the lead point guard both years, not sharing it with anyone.  In his 2nd year DLO missed 21 games with soreness in both knees and had a plasma injection. In his first year with the Nets or 3rd season, he missed 31 games due to knee surgery. In his 4th year, he had a break out year. The Lakers now want to resign him because they have no cap space to sign the Kyrie's or Kawhi's so now Pelinka needs DLo. But they will easily get rid of him again if they start losing. See where I'm going? But DLo was caught at the airport with weed a month ago.  It's no big deal he was caught but to claim it belong to his "brother" shows me nothing has changed as he is now snitching on his own brother. I like Dlo as a player but there is something about him that comes across as selfish.
They dump DLoe... now they want him back....?? Fuck them
Omg no!! It's simple, keep rondo, and go out and get Danny green, pat beverly, and ariza and it's game over. Probably still have cap space left
lakers sign Kyrie kd kawhi DLO and Adam silver
you heard it hear first on YouTube p n
Is that the fat guy who stalked James since grade school?
ESPN is the help LeBron network. What next? The Lakers are getting Kawaii, Klay Thompson, Jimmy Butler, Kemba Walker, and D Russell. This is ridiculous. These guys are so backwards that the if the Lakers were that stacked, they'd say LeBron doesn't have any help should they fail.
Lakers nowadays, all media come here.
gotta love how they put “3 seasons as Lebron James teammate”
What a laugh. If I were DLO and the Nets don’t bring me back and instead go for Irving. I’m waiting to see if Leonard goes to the Clippers and I’m joining him there.
Media keeps pushing for what they want to happen, not what will actually happen
The funny scenario in this all is that the Lakers are a hot mess next year they win about the same amount of games. Then the media turns on AD and start saying that the Lakers were dumb for trading away their young talent so fast because they are flourishing in new Orleans and the pelicans become a playoff team. AD decides to take his talents to the clippers or New York because he gets tired of the narrative that he is the one to blame for the Lakers being as bad as they were next season. Now what do they do. Do Lebron decide it is time for him to retire and get out while his name can hold some leverage. Who knows but I have a feeling the narrative and soap opera that is the Lakers organization will be played out for all of next year. David Griffin is a genius that just made the pelicans a young playoff team. I really feel like the sun, mavs, pels, kings, are gonna be playoff contenders teams next year. Houston, okc, warriors and spurs might find themselves on the outside looking in.
Fuck Irving get Dlo he’s younger and not injury prone

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