Cursed by Coal: Mining the Navajo Nation

Cursed by Coal: Mining the Navajo Nation

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


About: Cursed by Coal: Mining the Navajo Nation

how can we as voters an consumers help? I'm looking into solar an wind power but I'm just getting buy now as it is.
Very depressing and sad for Native Americans. 😑🙏
Humans are the worst species
SAN Manuel Mission band of Indians should help help.
I hate how vice is so biased all the time, this coal might do more good than harm but vice would never explore that possibility
A sad side of the USA that many Americans have no idea existe. Heart breaking story.
ahhhh...the romantic ideal of the "noble savage" is not dead.
It's dying because of the drying climate.
The "Navajo Nation" isn't a nation. Indian tribes are sovereign in their relationships as a group with respect to the states and the national government, but they are NOT sovereign territory. There is no sovereign "Navajo Nation" territory. The Navajo own the land and they didn't have to pay for it or pay taxes on it, but it's not sovereign territory. It's in the U.S.
All of the Native American Tribal leaders have been bought and paid for they only care about money now not the people !!!
Well its like this, they can die to make a living or die lying under a bridge cuddled up to a bottle of liquor. Alcoholism and Sclerosis of the liver is their true enemy, biggest bunch of drunks on planet earth. A failed race if there ever was one.
Just about everyone commenting on this has probably never been to a Res. This isn't a white oppression problem. This is a problem of corruption within the tribal government. The tribal governments are full of corrupt politicians making deals to only enrich themselves, while allowing the land to be destroyed.
The coal mines are also a double edge sword. They provide good jobs for those who want to work and provide for their families. There is really nowhere else to work in that entire region unless you go to Flagstaff or are lucky enough to get a job at a local gas station. The other part of the story that is not being talked about is the rivers in the north being damned to send power to CA. Before the rivers were damned up, there used to be moisture in the soil and the Navajo grew crops, herded sheep, and cattle. Now it is dried up so the tribal government, and the state polititians can line their own pockets. The coal mine is actually the least damaging in comparison of the two when water is concerned.
The Navajo are strong people and have realized that they have trusted their leadership too much in the past. Racial and economic politics are used to divide them from the everyone else. They are taught to hate white people, and shun those within the tribe that leave to find employment to make a better life. The Irony is that those who leave in most cases come back and try to help the community. When they come back the jealous ones who stayed treat them like shit for trying to help their chapters.
Unfortunately many of the Navajo have been pre occupied with keeping their land from neighboring tribes taking over while Window Rock is screwing them over.
Fact: Clusters of autoimmune diseases in the area.
hire Boko. Haram, and Al schbob of Africa to come help you defend your land
Pa was full of old coal mines. We are pretty mined out though. Pa has so many mountains if you were not close you were not affected. My family was always poor so we lived in the valleys. But the fresh springs in the mountains always gave us fresh water.. my home is so old it has a spring running through my basement. Depending on The weather it runs faster or slower.
As this happens Trump has the nerve to tell the people of the EU that they have lost their culture through immigration. Meanwhile this country scuanders resources and treats its native cultures like strangers. If you are not serving the almighty dollar in this country you are treated as a second class citizen. I hope the men who are capable of dragging an old woman rot in HELL!
Dirty Coal equals Dirty Money and a planet to foul to live on. Putting poverty to the test by offering jobs that killffor generations to come. SAY NO TO COAL!!!!
without coal in the united states there's no electricity.
They should allow the Indians to open casinos and make money from that to improve their situation and give people jobs. They did that in my state and the Indians are doing well. Only Indian tribes are allow to own and run the casinos here.
all tribal nations shall band together and go to war against them...........................

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