Current 93 - Osaka, Muse Hall, 1989.03.07

Current 93 - Osaka, Muse Hall, 1989.03.07

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Who remembers The 'Nutty Fairy' party?
Wow what a line up.
tibet is even more dense than douglas
what's the source that it's Rimbaud playing here? It's a fact that he appears on Stapleton/Tibet collab album 'Octopus' but I can't find any evidence he was involved with C93 in this era.
man I would love the audio of this if they are never turning it into an album. It has a great sound. Is c93 looking to run out a record deal? Release old concert albums!
If Madeline Spencer is reading this, re: your deleted comment, what does "he is Boys" mean?
I find it odd that Penny would play with people who have clear ties to fascism.
The picture is unclear but - I see no sign of Penny Rimbaud.  Somehow I'd've thought the Crass/Current connection would have faded away after that '84 incident when a drug-crazed Steve Ignorant ruined that-gig-wherever-it-was.  
Very special, this - rare chances to hear Tree, Hourglass and Rome.  Panzer with some unfamiliar added "lyrics".  And, of course, the "ambient version" of Horse (I wonder, was this before or after the Magic Lantern version, which is in the same key but has nothing else in common sonically?)
Rose.............................. <3
Didn't know Penny Rimbaud also accompanied C93 troupe to the east. where is he on this recording? And thank you very musch for the great share, definitely my favorite C93 era. ;)
wich song is it? dont know...

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