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this song always reminded me of poison girls.
The following is from the book 'Charles Manson Now' by Marlin Marynick (2010):
Gary Hinman Murder: On July 25, 1969, family members Bobby Beausoleil, Mary Brunner, and Susan Atkins went to the house of Family aquaintance Gary Hinman to retrieve money they felt Hinman owed the family. It is not clear why they sought the money. Some accounts report that Hinman had recently acquired an inheritance, part of which Manson felt was his. Other accounts suggest Hinman had sold Beausoleil some bad mescaline and that Bobby had returned either to get some good mescaline or retrieve his money. Beausoleil, Brunner, and Atkins kept Hinman hostage for two days, a time during which Himman went to great lengths to prove he had no money. At one point, Bobby hit Hinman twice with his gun, before placing Hinman under the girls' surveillance and proceeding to search the entirety of Hinman's house. After struggling with Hinman for the gun, Bobby was able to reach what seemed like a settlement with Hinman, who would give Beausoleil the title of his two cars, a VW bus and a Fiat. At this point, Manson and friend Bruce Davis arrived at the house, Davis with a gun and Manson with a sword. Unaware of the agreement between Hinman and Beausoleil, Manson sliced Hinman's ear off and left. Shortly thereafter, Bobby finished Hinman off, stabbing him to death.
Have had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with the band in nyc on halloween in 95' I believe. Through a acquaintance with Byod. We would sometimes drink and talk at the local dive. He told me it was on I bought tickets the next day.
Great show, great people. This makes jokers like oh, say iron maiden or other so call "satanic" metal bands seem so Fake. This is the real deal. This is what i would imagine witches would play at gatherings . This would also probably be my favorite of their albums. there are so may though "they are all different always the same", to quote Peel, speaking on another band. Genius.
I remember when I got the import for $10 bucks new and it was $25 down the street at Music Market.
This is a great album.
Bobby Beausoleil, the first murderer with connections to the Manson Family. At least he didn't cop out and claim that Manson "made him do it". And I can even halfway understand why Beausoleil ended up stabbing Gary Hinman in the heart that fateful day. The Tate-LaBianca murders would happen two weeks later. I love this song!
Beausoleil, reaping Nirvana in a desert land. Beausoleil, thine anger rising like a scorpion. Beausoleil, dune buggy baby on a fairground slide. Beausoleil, the taste of honey and the swirl of flies
Beausoleil, jackbooting wide-eyed in the deepest pit. Beausoleil, looking at smiles and seeing only grins. Beausoleil, did dead gods smell when the dog's blood rose?
Beausoleil, now all thine summers turn to menstrual winters. Beausoleil, kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill killy kill. Beausoleil, did dog's blood rise when the dead gods died? Beausoleil, beautiful sunshine whose shadow hides
Beausoleil, white brothers planting burning crosses. Beausoleil, the sharpest flavour is the one that stains. Beausoleil, when dog's blood rises does it also dance?
Beausoleil, grey benediction of the final church. Beausoleil, it's just your habit of culling time
Beausoleil, a Death In June under a menstrual moon. Beausoleil, Scorpio rising but the Light Bearer falls. Beausoleil, the squeaky laughter of a giddy world. Beausoleil, still waving black flags from a stubble field. Beausoleil, a maltese cross is pierced by the blood of Christ. Beausoleil, hiding from cancer crabs and cracking jokes. Beausoleil, arson archbishop makes the deserts burn. Beausoleil, the dead are grateful ("all you need is love").
Beausoleil, fat Buddhas smiling with the widest grin. Beausoleil, candy floss surgeon with the golden hair. Beausoleil, a brand new process for a brand new age
Beausoleil, a black Messiah wearing buckskin boots. Beausoleil, assassin creepy-crawls through Hebron's Vale. Beausoleil, another martyr for the Noddy Apocalypse. Beausoleil, there's no business like the devil's business.
Beausoleil, que será, será. Beausoleil, we want to sink into the deepest basin. Beausoleil, fils de perdition, Luciferens. Beausoleil, 7 and 7 is the hidden key. Beausoleil, a train to Clarkesville in the menstrual night.
Beausoleil, Disneyland darkens with your Armageddon smile.
Beausoleil, you hide your candle on Golgotha's hill. Beausoleil, did dead dogs smell when the dog's blood rose? Beausoleil, did dogblood rise when the dead dogs died? Beausoleil, a Death In June under a menstrual moon. Beausoleil, when dog's blood rises does it also dance? Beausoleil, wide-eyed in the deepest pit.
Beausoleil, thine anchor rises like the scorpion. Beausoleil!
a lot of messages to discover in these lyrics...
E venga sempre il bel sole!
As far as I know, it's Charles Manson, a sensible choice, as Beausoleil was himself a member of the Manson Family.
I love it too. It reminds me of the prince of anjuou in Elizabeth.
Banc Solaire
Could be Boyd Rice, I seem to recall that he provided some spoken work intro's..
Who is the person quoted in the beginning?
Just noticed now "Thine ANGER RISING like a SCORPION", can't be a coincidence. This is definitely a reference to Keneth Anger Cinema.
I could dance to this.
as in Bobby Beausoleil ?
@ubbuu watch?v=Lo6cHhyNBoE
This was fruit of "LSD on Rosie's roof" Tibet dixit on FACT. Oh, envy!

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