LIVE: Confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh (Day 1)

LIVE: Confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh (Day 1)

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About: LIVE: Confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh (Day 1)

Lol. These democrats are so funny. He still won and Trump maybe gets 3 more SCOTUS picks? lol
Booker sounds like such an opportunistic repulsive scum!
Thank God Kavanaugh won!!! !!!!!!
These Democrats are NEVER satisfied.
Senator Grassley has bent over backwards for these clowns..because of these false smear tactics Dems are #WalkingAway
Look how he loves praise, yeah let’s talk about all of my achievements
A Supreme Court that will not "interpret" the Constitution out of existence is the Democrats' worst nightmare.
Neutral comment: I’m open minded, and independent; I have no idea who to believe since I personally have no facts of the scenario.

But yeah, partisanship is cool I guess.
The real evil fuckers are people like Lindsey Graham who is basically saying to all white privledged kids that it's ok to rape and sexually violate girls as long as you are in high school and nobody sees you do it. That guy will go to hell for sure. What an ass.
The travesty of this whole process is that the Republicans have withheld the info that would have disqualified Kavanaugh and are actually calling these victims of Kavanaugh liars and the process a sham. If Kavanaugh is unwilling to take a lie detector test and unwilling to openly call for an FBI investigation , instead of hiding behind the "they don't make any conclusions" bullshit he is obviously guilty. Too bad he didn't just admit some of this stuff or step down the minute he heard about it. To greedy, too amitious, too arrogant, too narcissistic. Therefor ALL the shit he weeped about claiming to be a victim of the press, the Democrats and the process is exactly what he deserves. It's the price ANYONE pays for being considered for this most important job in the country Does that prick really think everyone was just going to be nice, only ask his friends, believe everything he said amd ignore the very real and very ugly behaviour he did as a young man? I could have forgiven him if he doidn't lie about it but he did and that is a disqualifying event.

Now he wants the senate to give him the job becaiuse they feel sorry for him or something? What a loser this man is, he is still the same serial masturbator trying to impress his friends and cop a feel from any girl he could corner in an upstairs bedroom and get away with it. He should be impeached from all judicial positions and investigated for contempt of congress and attempted rape. What sad sad day to have men like him who could have saved the day by stepping down . Asshole. You don't deserve to be a citizen, let alone a judge who has his behind family and friends trying to enrich your resume. Disgusting.
'Thank you Members of the U.S. CONGRESS and Constituent Herein Committee's Meeting', I stand hereby today this September 27th , 2018 to order from the Burger King Franchise a $8.50 meal Sourdough Chicken Club the Nominee is notwithstanding, furthermore I also thereunder the RULE of the U.S.SENATE Reserve the Right to Object.€§£.
wow Women are out to destroy a great man that did nothing, wow Democrats most be spending a fortune to pay off all these women to lie for them!!
lmfao we all know how well our government listens to us.
I have a strong feeling the reason they started having the hears was because off all the corrupting that was going on.
I see the trumpsters have taken over this board. Are they getting paid? Disgusting Trump, disgusting Kavanaugh. Well, keep it up, this inspires women to run for office. So bring it on, bring on the reprise of the Anita Hill fiasco, Come on Hatch, come on Grassley, show us your old male chops. Show us your misunderstandings. Men who can't tell large breasts from sexual harassment shouldn't be in office. Thank you, Republicans, for inspiring women to take over from these relics.
Get the sock out of your mouth Leahy you turd....
Leahy moved, he still is alive.... man, how in the world did this man ever become a US Senator?
Corry Snooker - "this is not an attempt to delay," but an attempt to get all data - you lying DOG! People, they want documents that passed though the Bush Whitehouse, which have ZERO to do with Judge Kavanaugh. Corry Snooker, you sir are a liar of the highest order. You maybe able to fool the average dumb democrat - we we have you number you turd!
You sick scum bag Demonrats are liars personified. Tell the truth Hirono! You received a record amount of documents you big ugly hag!

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