Coal Power and Scalding Temps! - Ep. 11 - Oxygen Not Included Ranching Upgrade Mark II

Coal Power and Scalding Temps! - Ep. 11 - Oxygen Not Included Ranching Upgrade Mark II

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


About: Coal Power and Scalding Temps! - Ep. 11 - Oxygen Not Included Ranching Upgrade Mark II

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Mechatronics - Meh-kah-tron-iks
Blitz: Metranomics
One whole hour! Now I only need 23 more of these and my day is set! I love watching these.
Why do the gas filter rooms need some water over the gas vent?
0:44 Bottomless AND Binge eater! Wow
Why do you do it on blitz after dark
"oh there happy, that's so sad" only bliz will just out right say that
Today's Suggestions! (Part II - Cycles 110-119)

1. Water and air cooling. I really want you to explore the cold biome below your "cool" steam vent. There might be a very valuable anti-entropy thermal nullifier down there that could really help with preventing base overheating from the hot electrolyzers/liquid piping.

2. Using your refined metal. Please make an effort to cool your gold using your polluted water tank before you use it to build wires in your base! Heat death is real and scary, even more so thanks to the thermodynamics update. It's a lot easier to prevent heat buildup than to cool down a base, trust me.

3. Your cool steam vent. Don't forget to put a door on your steam vent area.

4. Power. You've heard this before: connect your power plants together! Things will be much more efficient. Also, I don't think you need three coal generators for just your gas system! I think you should replace a generator with a smart battery or two.

5. Ranching. If you want a way to instantly refine metals without investing any power, get a smooth hatchling or five. They eat metal and poop out refined metal. You can increase the stone hatchlings' chances of laying a smooth hatchling egg by feeding them metal. Might not be a bad idea. (I personally like feeding them iron, since it seems to be the most common and the least useful.)
Today's Suggestions! (Part I - Cycles 100-109)

1. Critter counting. Keep in mind that the Room Overlay includes eggs in the number of critters it displays for each stable.

2. Accepting more dupes. Remember that food isn't the only factor in whether your colony can support more dupes! Oxygen is just as important to consider.

3. Oxygen. Your best bet in making the electrolyzer viable is finding an anti-entropy thermal nullifier. Using radiant pipes next to one and pumping the hydrogen produced to it and a generator will allow you to move extra cold oxygen to your base, which is especially important for keeping your bristle blossoms cool in your farm, which is heating up from all that lighting.

4. Heat management. I recommend surrounding your base in insulated abyssalite tiles to prevent the surrounding environment from slowly cooking your dupes. The new thermodynamics laws that came with this update mean that heat transfers much more quickly. (That's also why your wheeze wort isn't cooling down your leftmost mealwood plants enough.)

5. Exploring tips. When exploring faraway biomes, you should make your ladders out of the materials you're digging through. For example, instead of making the ladders (you built to dig out the algae) out of sandstone, make them out of igneous rock. Also, make sure to airlock off new places so you don't let heat into your base or oxygen out of your base (you don't have too much to spare right now).
12:47 look at the dupe pictures! Why are they alien-like? Strange
I think having a carbon schemer in your coal production area would be a good way to dispose of the carbon dioxide. You can also pump the cleaned air through a room full of wheezeworts and radiant pipes to cool it.
You should let the light bug, whatever it's called roam around roam around roam around your Bass.
56:30 How about just sealing it off with Abyssalite and sending them in with exosuits to collect the gold?
blitz it still works but the liquid needs to be as mutch as the limit of the vent
so you just have to mutch liquid on it if you mop the sites its good
more oxygen not included
Alright, I'll be listing some ideas that cross my mind while watching this:

1.Maybe the duplicant transit control systems are the answer to only allowing regular hatch eggs to be used for omelettes.

2. Grecko seem to climb adyacent walls regardless of gravity and are able to jump some gaps. I think the only way to safely contain them is making a mostly empty room with a pen "planet" floating in the middle. Access to said planet by duplicants is allowed by:
- A row of vertical doors that stay open most of the time and act as a draw bridge.
- Two firemen poles that slide down and out of the planet
- Transit tubes doing the same as above
Does having power in series or parallel make a difference?
Love the hr long episodes
I remember the days this channel used to be called blitzkriegsler and I had to type the whole thing out because youtube wouldn't save my searches.
20 cycle hype!

Coal stock

Coal is extracted from the ground by coal mining, either underground by shaft mining, or at ground level by open pit mining extraction.


Coal is primarily used as a solid fuel to produce electricity and heat through combustion. World coal consumption was about 7.25 billion tonnes in 2010 The price of coal increased from around $30.00 per short ton in 2000 to around $150.00 per short ton as of September 2008. In early 2015, it was trading near $56/ton.