Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  Coal Mining | Coal Crisis | South Wales | Merthyr Tydfil | 1977

Coal Mining | Coal Crisis | South Wales | Merthyr Tydfil | 1977

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


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My old man worked in Hoover's back in 68 onwards,but I Don't think he was having as much as this guy is saying,not saying he's wrong mind but my old man worked in Hoover's for well over 20 years,from 68 to 91,but he told me the money was only tidy by working over time,and shift work,as you would get shift allowance,but he stuck it.And he did say there was miners that worked with him,and said they couldn't handle being on a production line,my old man was told buy miners it was easer work,working on the coal face under ground,that's what my old man was told,as he used to talk to miners on the line with him,before he went to being a fork lift driver,in Hoover's.
Terrible to hear that guy say his brother took a week to die. My grandfather took much longer. Bloody awful to see your loved ones suffering so much. GOD BLESS THE MINERS!
Just noticed Adrian Williams had commented earlier, a Rhymney boy who emigrated to Canada. How's it going Adrian?
Yes, it was 1973. Alwyn Lloyd was a good snooker player, and the film was shot at Abertysswg Working Men's Club where he lived.  In fact where I grew up. Most of those people would be 80 + years of age now. I left South Wales in 1984, most of my friends worked in the pits throughout the valley's.
The year this was made was 1973 not 1977.
Says 1977 in the title and 1973 in description?!
'They will have to sink those pits again' said an old teaching assistant that I used to work with. I just got back from Russia, Gas is 3 gbp a month, electricity is around 15 gbp a month. Coal, oil is abundant and China is drinking it up like no tomorrow. Their monopolised rail is mainly dealing in 80 carriage crawls of coal oil and gas on the rail, some rock and building materials. These trains run at least 20 times day and night. We in the UK are dependent now for our energy. You know I think he is actually right, they will have to sink those pits again but actually if we do it this year we may be able to save valuable equipment. Knowing our country we will do it too late, we will get the govt. involved and then it will all be ruined. We need private entrepreneurs who own land to organise and start mines. Why am i paying 8.99 gbp for a 10kg bag of coal at my local Indians, this coal probably came from Poland? Can you imagine in this film people complained at paying 20gbp for a tonne of coal? Are we the experts at ripping ourselves and each-other off? Coal mining is a deeply British tradition and will never die. Now is its nadir, but it will arise.. It is harsh, un-human, extremely dangerous to work in a pit but as they say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Are we ready? PS the Americans have resorted to shallow cast mining but at least they have private firms. They still need 70% of their electricity to be coal generated, of course they won't tell you this. I think that sensible investors and entrepreneurs have an ideal time to open new pits. Come to Nottingham, we have 47 old pits that need work. Clipstone in Mansfield looks like a good bet.
hope kids are looking back and realising that rules change because of votes, chat about where u go kids, not about drugs, make us oldies proud !!
poor fuckers went down those pits for less than the equivalent of minimum wage today!
Coal miners are the only people that can get away with blackface.
Who could ever Vote Tory !
What a tragedy about the mining industry.
One thing that is noticeable about this film is how smartly dressed and slim most of the working class looked in those days
The Hoover factory closed in 2009.
Great video 👍👍
Who do you blame ?.. I'll tell you who. The government. They have taken great pleasure in pissing over wales for all time. We are beneath them you see. They took our national industry away from us, work that they will never know about. Pensions ?. Yes my friend, your right. The tax payers money, where does it go ?. Hospitals ?. Oh no. Floating duck houses for the ponds in the gardens of the government. While there are no beds four the sick in hospitals. And now, after that scandal came out. They expect us to work until we are 67 until state pension is available. To cover the mess that they created up.I won't vote, no more. They can ALL rot in hell. God bless wales. If your welsh, pick your head up. You better than the scum on the other side of the bridge !!!!!!!!!!!.
Public Service Broadcasting brought me here...
Watch the film above us the earth it's about ogilvie Colliery closing
The dick head government would rather give the money to the foreigners than give our own lads the work.
Very good video that captures a time now past,But back then the end of coal would have been unthinkable.
i wonder what happened to the people in this film.. hope their lives turned out ok

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Coal is extracted from the ground by coal mining, either underground by shaft mining, or at ground level by open pit mining extraction.


Coal is primarily used as a solid fuel to produce electricity and heat through combustion. World coal consumption was about 7.25 billion tonnes in 2010 The price of coal increased from around $30.00 per short ton in 2000 to around $150.00 per short ton as of September 2008. In early 2015, it was trading near $56/ton.