Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  Coal Mines Regulations 2017- Chapter-1 (Definitions)-Part-(3/4)

Coal Mines Regulations 2017- Chapter-1 (Definitions)-Part-(3/4)

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


About: Coal Mines Regulations 2017- Chapter-1 (Definitions)-Part-(3/4)

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Coal stock

Coal is extracted from the ground by coal mining, either underground by shaft mining, or at ground level by open pit mining extraction.


Coal is primarily used as a solid fuel to produce electricity and heat through combustion. World coal consumption was about 7.25 billion tonnes in 2010 The price of coal increased from around $30.00 per short ton in 2000 to around $150.00 per short ton as of September 2008. In early 2015, it was trading near $56/ton.