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Coal Miner's Daughter--1980 Interview With Loretta and Sissy

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


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Wow, Sissy really nailed Loretta’s accent, cadence, and tone perfectly!
Loretta Lynn is one of my heroes!
My Mom is one of twelve kids. Ten survivoring! She is the oldest daughter and was never allowed to go to school! She and my Dad married at Eighteen. My Mom raised four kids with no education, no drivers license. My Dad was a absent alcoholic! Never abusive; just absent! My mom taught us to raise a garden, raise chickens and hogs. When we didn't have any meat, she go out and kill rabbits and squirrels just to feed us! We dug ginseng and other herbs to sell to keep our electricity on. I know what a HARD LIFE IS! My Mom is the smartest and strongest people I know! You can't cheat her out of a single penny and she has MORE COMMON sense than most people I know!! She took care of my grandmother to the day she died. She's lost my brother (her first born) to addiction to pills. Her baby sister and three brothers (within six months of each other).
My Mom is what growing up in (AND) coming from Eastern, (Martin Co & Pike Co) Ky is!! She is the quintessential Mountain Woman! She has a heart of gold but don't make her mad!! She doesn't mince words! She's blunt and sometimes, Shes too brutally honest !! But, you'll always know where you stand with her!! Lol
Oops! You already did it. (you'll never leave Harlan alive, that is)
Please react to You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive Patty Loveless. It's about the hardships faced by miners and their families.
Coal miniers daughter here.
Sissy did a wonderful job in that movie.
Loretta Lynn is one of my favorites.
I learned to play guitar listening to Loretta and Merle.
Yea,it's holler,lol
Levon Helm (The Band) played Loretta’s dad in the film.
Every walking this land paul cauthen
Check out her song, Fist City
New to your channel, love it! Can you check out Cowboy Junkies with Ryan Adams--"200 More Miles"?
I just requested this song on your Dusty Springfield video
I absolutely loved this movie! I have the soundtrack, it is so good. I have followed Loretta Lynn since I was a child (many years ago) and so the movie was very special to me. I also read her book. Loretta is such an inspiration and Sissy played her so well. Really nice to see this interview after all this time. Thank you!
Awesome! My favorite movie EVER!!!!!
Some of my family were extras in the movie Thay have all passed away now.
Van Leer Rose Anybody?
Great film 🔥🙏 P.C
I saw this movie when I was a little kid.
If you've never seen the movie, watch it. It is a really great movie.
This was nice to see. Sissy is so young and sweet! And I didn't know Loretta juggled all of that while up and coming. I'm glad she didn't let success change her. Yes, I'd still scrub my own tub too! I always love to hear the success stories of all those mom's (and dad's) that work so hard to keep the balancing act of wearing multiple hats and a happy home. Certainly not an easy endeavor!
If anyone has not seen the movie...SEE IT. she sounds just like Loretta!
Thank you for doing this Don!
Rhett Akins & Dallas Davidson - Yella Acorns

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