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Coal Chamber(1997 Album)

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


About: Coal Chamber(1997 Album)

this band is similar KORN , but I like this song Oddity (7:20)
this track is Nu Metal song ever.
Different genres but I much prefer Coal over Devil Driver. I think they are both good but Coal Chamber...Oh Yes!
Are they Korn?
Loco is my song cause I'm always so loco
Junio 9 (2019) 💪
So good
This music makes me feel happy :3
Tbh honest in 97
Hardcore was the cool. Music

But this was fucking cool. In. 1997.
Everyone kid had the cd on South West South East UK. Back in the day..
Coal Chamber is still one of my favorite bands to this day fuck the haters!!!
Es malísimo este disco. Es un álbum lleno de temas planos, plagado de riffs staccato de medios tonos "para arriba y para abajo". Es puro ruido y gritos. No tiene los matices que ofrecían bandas como Korn o Deftones en los trabajos que lanzaron en la época. Cero melodía. Por eso no pasó nada con Coal Chamber. Para el segundo disco tuvieron que lanzar un cover como primer single. Eso lo dice todo. Lo único bueno era el batero, que debió ser parte de una mejor banda.
22 anniversary 🤟🏿COAL CHAMBER
la numero 10 Clock es con Jonathan Davis de KoRn 1997
kinda glad nu-metal is cool again. was getting sick of being made fun of for liking it.
Alternative modern Hard-core бля!
Does everyone know that Dez is gonna replace Wayne Static for Static X!?
still listening in 2019, 22 YO and fu**in good
I remember screaming me loco with my father when I was around 8 years old disturbing neighbors.
Fuck you, I liked it!

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