Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  CME Bitcoin contracts at RECORD LEVELS! Bitcoin will either CRASH or FLY! CBOE BTC conspiracy?

CME Bitcoin contracts at RECORD LEVELS! Bitcoin will either CRASH or FLY! CBOE BTC conspiracy?

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About: CME Bitcoin contracts at RECORD LEVELS! Bitcoin will either CRASH or FLY! CBOE BTC conspiracy?

by the way china banning mining is fud.. just to let you know..
Good to see you took the day off brother!
Cboe is options exchange. Cme is futures exchange. How are they competitors.
CME automatically gets more customers (new records) if the competitor is gone....
It could be that the CME and the CBOE both prefer to make as much money in the near future instead of now and they are just playing out some prewritten script to condition the retail market like Pavlov's dog that institutional actors stepping in doesnt equal steeply rising prices. If I were them I would prefer to leave some money on the table now knowing that I will make multiple times more soon. Just trying to shake out as much Btc from the small retail investors as possible and keep prices down until sufficient control and regulation is achieved. Shake the boat till the last rats fall into the water and grab their piece of cheese....I dont know, just theorizing but competition between entities on that level must be more like a cover...It could also be related to uncertainty due to Trump etc.
It's nice to see you having some fun-time, TOO! Not just WORK WORK WORK!
Hi, I love the content but the volume is incredibly loud during the intro.
wow, Nice video and awesome family ....!!!
Anybody know the Intro Song???
Love your new style of content.
Showing some personal cool stuffs then proceeding to actual bitcoin news 👍
Trust me I am right there with you, something is not right! I saw a video about 4weeks back of a YouTube saying I think it was CBOE bought up a lot of BTC when it hit bottom. I believe you're on to something also!👍🏽🤔
Loved the opener Kristof :) I have all that fun for me is yet to happen with our new arrival! Interesting times ahead and you make some valid points there with CME / CBOE working together behind the scenes, that would not be a surprise me one bit.
No expert here - guess: The CBOE and the CME are both working (writhing around) together (after all they are snakes who dine and loll around the pool together)? to try to control the flight/trajectory/outcome of BTC so that other countries/competitors are put off the scent - as the backroom guys and the USD/fed) - seek ways to stem the flow of blood (life/liquidity) - East and/or everywhere other?
PS Love your intro, truly fun, especially you getting smashed! Beautiful kids.
Nice intro :)
Nice good 4 u hanging with family.
Once bitcoin is in widespread use as a currency, the dirivatives market will have much less impact. You can't send a dirivate to someones btc wallet. The price will stablize and the futures market will die down.
Bitcoin politics. It's a circus that I'm not going to try and figure out. I will just stick with price action and technicals.
This is not a very popular opinion but "big" players like CBOE, CME, Bakkt and Fidelity are not very influential for the price of BTC. Satoshi alone has more BTC than all of them combined. Plus, they are not all working together to bring down Bitcoin. They play their little games day by day like everybody else and have no long term plan. They wouldn't hesitate to screw their "friends" to make a buck. They are not equipped to manipulate Bitcoin in any meaningful way. I would worry if they amassed 20% or more of all BTC but this will not happen any time soon.
There is nothing they could do to keep price low other then short BTC (physically) but even then it would most likely only be a delay. Lets say they short BTC well we all know the halvening would result in the price moving up. If they are smart they would have to cover their shorts by this time and at at this time we would see a large rise in price. After relinquishing this control they would probably not be able to do so again until the next bear market or long term stable market. For example institutions could try to keep the price of Apple or Amazon down, but over time the fundamentals would outweigh any short term efforts of institutions

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