Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  Clinging to coal: West Virginia's fight over green jobs

Clinging to coal: West Virginia's fight over green jobs

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


About: Clinging to coal: West Virginia's fight over green jobs

What a bunch of hicks
Texas is not a mid west state he isn't very educated.
West Virginia is getting what it deserves for voting for Trump. The death of the coal industry is their punishment.
if you wont be adaptive then just dig your grave.
The sun gets blocked by clouds and rarely shines in the mountains.
Winds only occur occasionally in the hills of WV.
Coal generates 100 times more power per dollar and will last for HUNDREDS of years.
Brainwashed tree huggers are CLUELESS about how useless solar and wind power are in the eastern states.
California brainwashing of the weak minded as always.
Here's an experiment, take for instance the electric mains that run into your house via a powerline from pole to your meter then panel which is being fed by a coal/NG fired power plant. Turn EVERYTHING on electrically in your house all at once, Stove, Dryer, Toaster, Washer, Dish Washer, Heater, Lights, anything and everything you can think of! Everything! All runs and works right? Good. Now transfer the electric to the solar panels installed and bolted on top of your roof that back feed into your mains and do the same thing. Everything work? I Didn't think so. Solar is an absorption.
It's all about the AMPS. Sure you can add real estate for more panels, better devices, LED's, flat screens, etc for efficiency but when's enough enough?
I wonder what would happen if a UBI was introduced in WV.
Solar is uselessin West Virginia because of very limited sun exposure due to weather abd the angle of the sun.
And wind power only works if mounted on mountain peaks.
Weet Virginia has hundreds of years of coal that produces 10 times as much energy per dollar and with modern scrubbers and
CO2 recovery being used in power plants is by far the best choice
for power generation.
You can see all of these coal mining operations from satellite images on Google maps it's really sad to see the large scale destruction of West Virginia's beautiful environment.
IT'S SO UGLY. I hate seeing those windmills, it's disorienting and it kills birds. nuclear is the only real option but environmental retards that believe in the climate change government hoax demand these unsightly wind mills. low IQ individuals think modern nuclear is dangerous.
It is complete idiots like Trump, that makes coal mining dangerous and very unhealthy!
In Denmark, right now, a wind park with 49 mills is being put into service. That park alone will supply 425.000 households with all the electricity they need. (THere are 1,1 million household in the country, so, theoretically, with 150 mills, that is all we need. Let us say 300 - and use the electricity for heating the houses as well.) There is no logical excuse for burning fossil fuels anymore.

Oh - did I mention: The mills are now CHEAPER than nuclear.
I try to be hopeful with these folks but omg vote people.. get these jerks off your land. Stop the madness already.
Underground miner if the air is so good down there why are we seeing such a huge spike in Black Lung? I watched a 41 year old guy from black Lung 4 years ago. You know the number of inspectors is very small and if you complain they fire you
Im from West Virginia with my Papa being a coal miner and I want us to change to a cleaner energy source
Come on West Virginia, time to make a major change in your economy and lifestyle. Coal is filthy and obsolete. Renewable sources like solar and wind are the future and many new jobs will be created. It is time for West Virginia to break free from the past or it will remain a poverty strickened, rural state.
For all you that thinks coal are the best: This here was London in 1952
These States that allow blowing the Tops of Mountains off to get easier coal which is destroying the Environment and West Virginia; and they're too dumb to even care. As long as it's not a Democrat is their Ignorant Motto. Trump: Let's bring back the Covered Wagon.
See BS hired asian dude to mock us regular people.... meaning where the import coming from... DSGSTNG
An underground mine employs a minimum of 20 employees all earning a very good wage. That 67 turbine wind farm employs 2 people. West Virginia & Appalachia needs highway systems built through it. Major highways that will make it more feasible for logistics that big manufacturers need. Coal Reserves are dwindling & just bc the coal is there doesn’t mean that particular block of coal in that area can be mined. Most of the economically feasible coal has been mined out. Very little remains. WV, eastern KY, & VA need one if not two major highway systems constructed through it as fast as possible. The area will see in the future, a migration out of Appalachia. Unless proper highways are built & the Federal Govt makes incentives for companies to move into Appalachia. Coal saw its last boom in 2008. The major coal companies are bankrupt, the independents that have been buying up everything just declared Bankruptcy last week. Jim Booth & Jeff Hoops both very big companies filed for bankruptcy last week. Booth however still rides around in his new Ferrari. Hoops is still riding around in a helicopter. The only independent coal company of significant size, Mitch Potter’s Blackhawk Mining, hasn’t went busted yet. Also Alliance Coal is still strong. But Blackhawk is scaling back, shutting down mines that have played out, & focusing on Metallurgical Coal. Alliance has one mine left in the central Appalachian coalfields. It’s nearly mined out & they need tax subsidies to mine a new coal seam. The Ross Harris heirs have millions of tons of coal reserves left in Pike County KY that they are having to advertise to get someone to lease & mine. Still no takers. This said, coal jobs & a healthy as possible coal industry is a must for the next few years. An absolute must. The problem is all the smaller independent coal companies have been forced out & bought up. These smaller operations could put in smaller mines & move from an older played out mine to a newer site easily. The owner usually works at the mine daily & has a relationship with the miners, & takes care of his men. But with the big coal corporations buying all the coal mined by independents, when the corporate executives see an independent they’d like to buy up, they beat the independent out of money owed for their sold coal. After a couple months of taking financial hits by the corporation, the independent is forced to sell out. In the late 1970’s & early 80’s Texas Oil got into the coal business in Appalachia big time. When they got out they sold off to these Wall Street controlled corporations who have over produced coal from the area, exhausted reserves only to drive down coal prices due to their inflicted over supply, & running the coal corporations into bankruptcy. Independents like the late William Sturgill, Elmer Whitaker, Charles Marshall, Russell Fitzpatrick, & the McCoy brothers all ran successful mining companies, never getting close to bankruptcy. They never over produced, they conservatively managed their coal reserves & you never once heard of those men beating a miner out of a dollar of their paycheck or retirement / benefits. They just didn’t do that, there was no need, every one did well back then. Back before the Wall Street Corporations became the major players in the business. Most of the old time operators are dead, Fitzpatrick & one of the McCoy brothers are in their 90’s. Fitzpatrick sold out in 1979, as did the McCoy brothers. Sturgill was active until the late 90’s, but all these guys have been absent from the business bc it became a corporate game. Fitzpatrick’s son & then grandson even tried to start a mining operation back up in 2005. They mined during the high price coal boom of 2007-2009 but then the war on coal came with Obama’s election & they sold out after they made sure each of their employees had a job to stay at or go to. They even mined for 2 months at a loss just to keep the men working. Those are the kind of leaders the coal industry in WV & KY need so badly. But I was told by one of the Fitzpatrick’s that if right now, coal prices went up to $100 per ton for regular steam coal that they wouldn’t know of a decent piece of property left that would be feasible to mine, anything good is controlled by the big corporations & other open properties that have coal on them just have to many negative issues to mine the coal & make a profit. He said you might be in good Coal for a few months then you’d hit a bad section & then you lose big money trying to mine it. He said they were never entering back into the coal industry bc it has had its time, & there’s no comeback in the future.

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Coal is extracted from the ground by coal mining, either underground by shaft mining, or at ground level by open pit mining extraction.


Coal is primarily used as a solid fuel to produce electricity and heat through combustion. World coal consumption was about 7.25 billion tonnes in 2010 The price of coal increased from around $30.00 per short ton in 2000 to around $150.00 per short ton as of September 2008. In early 2015, it was trading near $56/ton.