Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  Clinging to coal: West Virginia's fight over green jobs

Clinging to coal: West Virginia's fight over green jobs

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


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Don't you know, you're talking about a revolution?
Coal is not going away.
Whats wooden shoes got to do with it? The windmills in Holland pump out water on land below sea level. Well... maybe they use them to produce power now days I don't know....
These people are strong and they go back generations to the first settlers...They can adapt and thrive.....if they want to...But they need to think for themselves and not listen to corrupt politicians...
Clean coal is good for the country
There's gonna be a revolution in this country !!
all the coal lobbyist down voting the video >_<
Don't trust these democrats to help you keep your pensions! Fight for solar, and wind mills to make your state awesome!
Im 25 and I have love for our older generations but change is inevitable. And at this point we can't let these older people stop the U.S. from progressing and competing with the modern world. Coal plants are not gonna explode again. Green Energy is making its mark. Newer buildings, stadiums and homes are being made solar/renewable ready. This was coming whether you liked it or not. We can still use coal for other purposes but as a power source, coal is looked at as a simple backup plan not a frontrunner
Change is inevitable, adapt or get left behind. Renewable energy will lead the way for a better life and job security. Lead by example West Virginia.
Solar power is great because when current renewable power technology becomes obsolete, as it surely will, the solar panels will be easily removed. Not so these turbine farms which are made of hundreds of tons of concrete and steel and buried deep, sometimes underwater. Our descendants will curse us for leaving them the expense of getting rid of what will become useless rusting eyesores.
Green does more damage to the environment than coal plants do. Where do you think all the metals come from for those solar panels the battery packs the windmills how do you think all that gets forged into usable metal it takes massive amounts of energy. All done by coal. And then you have the fact all those batteries go in the landfill and pollute the water and land they're not recycled go check out your local landfill.
The coal miner said he had 50 thousand hrs inside the mines . He has paid out in Social Security..He gets a good bit of money every month. He worked hard for all that money..I hope he gets to live long enough to enjoy it..
It’s time to end it for good. Renewable energy is much cleaner for the workers and much better in general. Solar and wind are only a stop gap for fusion power which when it becomes viable, will replace literally every power source ever. All we will need will be fusion as it is much safer and better than fission; less nuclear waste, higher efficiency levels, etc. Besides, coal is starting to cost more than it produces in wealth, so it won’t be viable much longer. Fusion just needs some seawater and you got power for years.
In February 1925, when my Dad was 9, his family was evicted from a mining company-owned house in W.V., because of his father's unionizing activities. Their furniture was literally thrown out onto the snowy street.
Fortunately my Dad escaled W.V. and the coal mines. After high school he joined the Army, landed at D-Day, fought the Nazis through France, Belgium, and Germany; and after that served in the Korean Conflict, and then during the Cold War against the USSR. A simple but great and kind man. Thank God his life wasn't consumed in the coal mines.
As a West Virginiain, I cannot wait till coal, oil, and gas are obsolete to renewable resources. It has destroyed our communities beyond the few people who sell land for mineral rights..
WV is not a sunny state. There are many sunless days. Good luck running your home and taking a shower more than once a week using only solar. Coal has been good for WV economics. It will take a long while, if ever, for WV to recover using new technologies in a rugged mountainous state.
You could put a wind turbine and a solar panel on every individuals property in the country. We should do away with the grid. The jobs will be in manufacturing. Everyone will be able to afford to heat and cool their homes, because they won't have to pay for electricity by the watt. We should set up a system, where everyone pays one flat fee for the equipment and the batteries. This fee is collected every month, and it includes repair and replacement. No giant grid with wires running everywhere. People could pay 100.00 $ a month, for a lifetimes worth of clean electricity . And they could use all they want. The systems would be built better, to cut down on the expense of fixing the system. Manufacturing would boom. People would have the freedomto use more electricity, buy more appliances, and inventions would return to the United States. People could own a 3D printer, buy the raw materials, and purchase the code for the invention, and manufacture what they need on sight. Robotics and new materials could be put to use. The big oil, and Electricity empires will be a thing of the past.
Electric wires will be buried, and protected. Equipment will be protected. Without high power costs, people could afford a higher standard of living. And our air, water and land will be cleaner.
With robotics, we will have more time to spend with our families. More time to travel. More time for education and neutrition. People could have a green house, grow their own foods. Humanly raise livestock. Life could be enjoyed, and the rat race will be over.
They earned BLACK LUNG ? Unless you can figure out how to use coal for something besides burning it, then you can leave the coal in the ground. The companies, and the stock holders made the money. The workers and the residents got raped over the coals. You were promised the world because of coal. You never made enough to go up to the next level. You have been kept down at the blue collar level, and now they are laying you off, taking their money, and WALKING AWAY. You should not have one good word to say about coal. Maybe you could use it to manufacture carbon nano materials . Jobs will come back, but not coal. The people of West Virginia DESERVE TO BE LIFTED OUT OF POVERTY.
If you produce enough electricity in West Virginia, you can build manufacturing plants that don't produce polluting. And the train runs right through your town. You could make a different plant in each town along the tracks. Every plant could specialize in a different component. Some could even be making car parts. The possibilities are endless. You are poor because of coal. Let it go and do something for the future.

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Coal is extracted from the ground by coal mining, either underground by shaft mining, or at ground level by open pit mining extraction.


Coal is primarily used as a solid fuel to produce electricity and heat through combustion. World coal consumption was about 7.25 billion tonnes in 2010 The price of coal increased from around $30.00 per short ton in 2000 to around $150.00 per short ton as of September 2008. In early 2015, it was trading near $56/ton.