Chris Brown - Questions (Official Music Video)

Chris Brown - Questions (Official Music Video)

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About: Chris Brown - Questions (Official Music Video)

Anyone in feb 2019?
I love this song
Can't stop listening to this song 2019 February
J'adore cette chanson
I hope Chris paid kevin lyttle.
Chris brown is my FAVORITE SINGER
Any one in february 2019 😍😍
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even tho the song is a copy he still put his originality in that, amazing, what a talent.
Def prefer the Cheat Codes version if you ask me but I like this one too
Butt is not
2019 and still rocking with C.Brown
Song is too short. Needs to be extended. I'm a fan of all Chris Browns tunes. I luv to c him dance.

What was the question?
Girl I got several questions I just wanna stand there an smile 😍ooh shit 😘👀 I can dream 😚
"I have a question for you" who still listen in 2019
Bae 😍

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