Chris Brown - Little More (Royalty) [Explicit Version]

Chris Brown - Little More (Royalty) [Explicit Version]

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Most cute video in the whole entire world💯😍😍❤❤
This is the most beautiful song ever 💕💕💕💕💕
I wish my dad loved me this much
This song gives me diabetes
I love you😍🙁😗😗😊
She is so cute like his dad. She literally looks more like him
Relationships of Chris brown and his daughter is so cute
Chris brown is a really good father😘😘😘😘😘👪👏👏👏👏:-)
Man girl?
You are my favorite person
great song love chris brown i will do anything to be like him
Your daughter is the cutest kid on Earth
We taurus love our children ....we will die for them ... hands down no question ask he's a great farther
I just realized that people get a lot of likes for saying 2018 in old song
it´s such a beautifull song that i listen to it all days
I want to get a lil baby gurl every time that I'm listening to Chris Brown - little more

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