Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  Child Labour in the Victorian England

Child Labour in the Victorian England

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they started their job at 4 to 13 years old and its very dangerous they took adults job and they got exhausted from working so we must stop Child Labour from spreading to all these children about a million of children did child labour and its hard for them and we don’t have to do it they do so they must stop doing child labour this is very sad
I say Bullshit....put them damn kids to work at the age of 6 ..... MAGA
Does anyone else realise the sad violin meme at the start of the video, or was it even a meme 8 years ago
אמינם דיסטראק
As a wise man by the name name of Ron Swanson once said, "Child Labor Laws are ruining this country"
I can not think kids working with adults. I am not surprised many would've been raped or molested by freaky morons in those times. The Government of that time was busy in robbing the other countries and not looking after its own people. Therefore, this small but very important act was passed after many decades.
Songgg ?
De dolor i sufrimiento se hacen los buenos hombres i mujeres
and I bet lots of parents lied about their kids ages so they could make them work
So sad!
I watched this in my English
As a mother, it breaks my heart to know about this... even though it happened long ago...
Really? This song?
such an interesting clip i shared this on my community hope you dont mind thanks for downloading
there are children 3 and 4 yrs old all around the world working all day NOW.
So sad 😞😞😞😞
Whats the name of the song? .. So sad :'(
my teacher showed this in class and about 5 of us started laughing at the 2sed4me but I was still sad for the kids😢
heartbreaking video those poor poor kids bless them some of my ancestors were sent to work as young kids and a few even ended up in the dreaded workhouse but they came out and did good for themselves

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