Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  Chernobyl (2019) Nuclear Reactor Explosion Scene

Chernobyl (2019) Nuclear Reactor Explosion Scene

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The control rods jumping up and down was true. The guy actually was waving his hands at the camera but of course no one saw him so he tried to run to the control room.
The one thing I saw missing is mention that the explosion blew the 2000 ton reactor lid into the air, flipped it and then the lid landed back in the core sideways and lodged there.
350 kg omg that’s disturbing
I'm gonna go ahead and pause the video where I'm at and watch the movie because this shit is interesting
Urinating tree anyone
It's cheaper...
-USSR slogan
am i the only one here from urinatingtree
Whats the OST starting at 3:00?
Which episode was this scene in?
Why do people always think that they just toy around with things?

Graphite-tipped control rods...
This is why ACTUAL scientists should've been asked before designing them.
I gotta watch this series... so harrowing....
this in 1986 my dad was alive I wasn't born yet
2:15 literally the moment that perevozchenko looks down and sees the control rods jumping his fate was effectively sealed
3:17 , As beautiful as only super-deadly things can be.
They say that just before the explosion one could hear a muffled “CYKA BLYAT” after which the reactor exploded
Roses are red,
The control rods are jumping in reactor four,
We need to put more water into the core

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