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Chernobyl (2019) Nuclear Power Plant Reactor Core Explosion Scene

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This is scary
when i was watching the ned of it with subtitles, when that guy said comrade legasov, with subtitles it was comrade allah gas XDDDDDDDD
best miniseries ever! Good job HBO! :-)
3:15 What are we looking at here exactly? Is it a top-down view of the inside of the reactor? What's that jumbled up tangled mass of wire-looking things? is that bent up control rods?
If I was there I would rather be turned to ash by the explosion then dying from radiation poisoning. Simply if I was vanished and turned into ash from the explosion I would not realise. But if I died from radiation poisoning then I would die a slow and painful death. 💀
Is my man still on the toilet?
Uploader is delusional. Take them to the infirmary.
Me: I'm not going to storm area 51.

Chernobyl 2 is in area 51

Me: change my mind!
This is the simple explanation. The Control rods displaced the water in the bottom of the reactor. The water was controlling the neutrons in flux. Which added to the power surge. And something somewhere broke. Then the explosion happened.
This video is fake. RBMK reactors don't explode
2:48 When the teacher is looking around for someone to call on and you didn't do the HW.
3:04 nobody:
Soda bottle caps when there is too much pressure:
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This guy annoyed the hell out of Dr. Manhattan.
3:05 my computer when I play minecraft with realistic shaders graphics:
Purely hindsight question here obviously.  If the control rods were instead re-inserted slowly a few at a time, would it have caused a runaway reaction?  Or did it no longer matter since all but 6 rods were withdrawn?
Everyone condems Russia for this but in reality look at the country's that almost had nuclear meltdowns America Japan China Germany Canada but at the same time in today time we have people like trump that are saying things "yes but we have larger nuclear bombs" nuclear anything are works of evil evil evil people sick fucking people that hopefully are rotting in hell
This was in a Roblox game with the same name.
2:52 that look..

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