Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  Centralia Burning Ghost Town - Pennsylvania USA

Centralia Burning Ghost Town - Pennsylvania USA

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1) At 3:40, he says “March, 2019”? - For some reason people are hearing me say 2019 at 3:40, I listened to the video, and I clearly hear 2018, which is what I said.

2) Where did all the houses go? - I have not researched this answer, it is just a guess, but I would assume either the government relocated the houses to new plots of lands in another town, or once people moved out the government demolished the houses, so homeless people could not live in them.

3) The cheerful jingling music doesn't really fit the video - Yes I know, but I made this video when I was using that music a lot, as I own the licence to it and it was kind of my theme music, but I started using more appropriate music for the topic as time went by.
I live just 13 minutes away from Centralia. It makes me wonder if the fire will spread to surrounding towns.
Regarding the graffiti, an appropriate saying goes: Fools Names and Fools Faces are Prominently Displayed in Public Places !
is this the real life "Silent hill "
I honestly need to find out how to get there I know there is a way
2019 news article stated a conflict of thoughts...local government say the fire is now out and the EPA says it isn't, go figure.
Centralia is a only about a 15 -20 drive from my place. We go up their riding atv and dirt bikes if you go when their iz snow on the ground most of the hot spots and smoke thru the woods can be seen my grandfather had a whole album black and white photos from before and after the fire
i still live near centralia, grandparents lived down the highway in ashland next to mays restaurant. literally 20 minutes away from me. i have been there many many times growing up.
Silent Hill......
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The fire has finally burned itself out thank God 👍👍
We visited Centralia on our summer vacation to knoebels amusement park a few years ago. We didn’t see any smoke either. A real ghost town for sure!
Come on by for a spell will cook yall up for dinner!
Silent hill vibes
Hi!!! My hometown is like 16 miles away from there... Im in OHIO now but my hearts back in Pa♡♡♡♡♡
I live in Pennsylvania and this is one crazy thing that happened here
Silent hill ⚰️
The ones who stayed were smart. They didn't buy into the govt and state bolognia. That's like the govt telling people flu shots are perfectly safe, or fluoride is good for you.
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