Centralia Burning Ghost Town - Pennsylvania USA

Centralia Burning Ghost Town - Pennsylvania USA

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1) At 3:40, he says “March, 2019”? - For some reason people are hearing me say 2019 at 3:40, I listened to the video, and I clearly hear 2018, which is what I said.

2) Where did all the houses go? - I have not researched this answer, it is just a guess, but I would assume either the government relocated the houses to new plots of lands in another town, or once people moved out the government demolished the houses, so homeless people could not live in them.
This would make an awesome location for a film shoot.
This is awesome
Sounds like nature rebel against human present and chased everyone away,wildlife slowly begun to revive back,after some time there won't be any highway left rather than forest would regrow itself and territory become unpassable again..This world have mind on its own,peoples create various toxic dumps and garbage areas while nature strike back and fight human race with extreme elemental meanings that nobody can resist...
He says 2018 ! You dumb f#ckers that think he said 2019 !. Lmmfao!
Dont go there its really creepy ! Ghost everywhere !
Far cry New dawn inspired from this?!
Qayamat ka shuru is jaga se hota hai
It's cause all those idiots moved to SC.
March 2019 ??? Do you have time machine or what ???
Its 15feb 2019
Lol you are 15 days ahead of us
Good get karma in the god hate you.
I live fairly close to here its actually a really sad story. The state forced everyone from their homes and the lives they built there. All because of a arrogant action
3:11 reminds me of Detroit
right up the road from me about 1.5 hours. trust me....centralia was in the middle of PA coal country with the largest known reserves in north america. it was never ever a nice town. centralia...ashland...all those towns up there were horrible dumps.
Burn Burn Burn Baby Burn! Just another picture to burn. Lol
To put out all such fires, fires need oxygen to burn. All that needs to be done is to cover the whole area with foam for a period of time, possibly a number of days or weeks. The foam could be spread from large aircraft or ground-based firetrucks such as are used at airports. The value of the real estate after the fires have been put out would more than justify the expense of doing so and would reduce greenhouse gas and air pollution. Thermal imaging of the area beforehand to enable precise targeting of the foam blanket.
What happin to all the houses did they all burn or did they take themwith them
Detroit vol 2

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