Centralia Burning Ghost Town - Pennsylvania USA

Centralia Burning Ghost Town - Pennsylvania USA

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


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How do they get services?
a couple movies featured this town
Even when they fuck up Royally!
Television will never criticize Firefighters. They are the media's sweethearts!
"In my restless dreams, I see that town. Silent Hill. You promised you would take me there some day, but you never did. Well, I'm all alone now, waiting for you...in our special place."
I owned a farm down the road in green city around the corner was the Molly McGuire hideout what there not telling you is that a state senator who owned a mining co in mount c as Carmel p.a drilled bore holes to feed air to the mine to get the Eminem domain status some old school miners refused to leave
steal betäR zen ´nyC´ v v
this should be a Löck fännv€ -.-
you can't seen smoke in centralia. the fire has moved over the years. it's in the woods of shamokin now
Turn it into a Fallout theme park.
You went there in twentyeidean? And what the fuck is kilometers? This is merica you sum bitch!
the town was not abandoned, they were forced to leave.
Well they dump trash in a coal mine and then set it on fire, and why are we supposed to feel sorry for them? This is the first I heard about the real story of Centralia. The original reports in the 90's was that the coal mine just ignited on its own, not that it was intentionally set on fire.
Being a former firefighter I've often been puzzled by these underground fires that burn uncontrolled for 50+ years. The most basic principle of fire science is the fire triangle made up of fuel, heat, and air (oxygen). Without one the rest can't sustain a fire. In a mine system there's a limited amount of air (or so I've been lead to believe) because for the safety of workers you actually have to pump air (oxygen) into the mine. Fire, on the other hand, uses the air (oxygen) as it burns. This is why when you put a cover over a burning pan on the stove, the fire goes out. It's also the key formula behind the "stop, drop, and roll" process that kids are taught early.

Why then would the fire in the underground mine be uncontrollable? One would think all you have to do is close the mine entrance and the fire would quickly exhaust it's supply of oxygen, putting itself out. Even if oxygen was seeping in through cracks in the walls, for example, you would still think a raging fire would exhaust the supply of oxygen faster than it could ever be reproduced.

So how exactly does this work? Not being around operational mines I was never trained in the science behind mine fires.
....silent Hill......shit run
How the actual residents manage to deal with radiation?
End fossil fuels. End nukes. Switch to solar.
fast forward to 2:58
At 3:40 “he said he was there in March 2019

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