Centralia The abandoned town burning underground

Centralia The abandoned town burning underground

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


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such an eerie place
I love ur videos dude find sum stuff out here in arizona and take me with you lol!
I bet the animals around like that heat in the dead of winter.

I don’t get it, you should have a lot more subs. ❤️
The scary piano music is perfect.
Actually, they did very little to stop the fire for decades. It wasn't until sinkholes, carbon monoxide and other issues did they take things seriously.
Just found your channel. Some interesting stuff.
I like all your videos. Best regards
One of the stories in the book Strange Highways by Dean Koonts was inspired by this town.
Watch about 30 of your vids, awesome content.
Dig your channel man. You should have 20X the subscribers.
Why dont they just divert a river and drown the crap outa the fire......job done. Then put the river back
Did it smell smokey? I mean just walking around.
The fall colors are awesome!
Brilliant channel. Am currently binge watching!
very good video, I like it
the pop music in the beginning gave me a poop feeling
Pennsylvania reminds me of some places here in England.
Great vid. We used to go there years ago and take our trucks all over the countryside. Dangerous place. Instable ground. Sink holes. But really cool. Last time i was there a few buildings still stood in town. We came into town at night once. Set up tents in the town park. In the morning our tent was 10 ft from a huge sink hole!
I had never heard of Centralia prior to watching this video, and wow is it a FASCINATING story!
I believe it's illegal to walk in the road now. I was there in 2015.
An excellent musical selection to accompany this errie place.  (ironic the are now TWO erries in Pennsylvainia ) . As always a well done vlog. Thanks. This is what made me cut the T.V, cable.

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