Centralia The abandoned town burning underground

Centralia The abandoned town burning underground

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


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Actually the fire got started because they were burning trash at the landfill and accidentally caught the coal underneath it on fire.
Mobile instint are you making more videos
if you Watch the documentary of the town and the people that live in there and how the government drag their legs about trying to stop it. they didn't do everything they wanted to fight about how much it was going to cost.
Very cool, luv going on adventures with you! Thanks for doing all the driving and hiking
Don't get caught speeding in that town or your going to find yourself in front of the honorable Alvin Valkenheiser!
Why isn't anyone mining for that coal beneath the town? If it could really burn for THAT long it would be an extremely valuable resource.
Drove through there in the late 80's, but on the return trip it was to smokey and we had to detour around the city.
Goodness me i should think that the global warmest,s greens will be demanding that they put this fire out, wonder if they blame Donald Trump for this disaster.
such an eerie place
I love ur videos dude find sum stuff out here in arizona and take me with you lol!
I bet the animals around like that heat in the dead of winter.

I don’t get it, you should have a lot more subs. ❤️
The scary piano music is perfect.
Actually, they did very little to stop the fire for decades. It wasn't until sinkholes, carbon monoxide and other issues did they take things seriously.
Just found your channel. Some interesting stuff.
I like all your videos. Best regards
One of the stories in the book Strange Highways by Dean Koonts was inspired by this town.
Watch about 30 of your vids, awesome content.
Dig your channel man. You should have 20X the subscribers.
Why dont they just divert a river and drown the crap outa the fire......job done. Then put the river back
Did it smell smokey? I mean just walking around.
The fall colors are awesome!

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