Centralia - Hell on Earth - Town destroyed by ever burning coal mines

Centralia - Hell on Earth - Town destroyed by ever burning coal mines

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


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It's just so sad.I can't imagine having to leave the house I grew up in.Even my Grandparents house was sold and torn down for all new homes.I have not gone down their road since it sold.
This was eerie!!well done film.
Fire department set it on fire. Epic.
I have to laugh about all the citizens blaming and accusing the government. ARE they blaming their own town leaders who started this fire and failed to put it out? No. THey expect the feds to come in to rescue them. Why? Why is this a federal problem? Or even a state problem for that matter. "Oh my", cries one resident, "the government will only give me $17k for my home!!!" Did he ever stop to ask himself why he expects the state or feds to bail him out of a problem created by himself and his own neighbors? There should have been a class action lawsuit brought against the borough and their insurance made to cough us to buy up the properties at a fair market value.
The statement being made @ 6:15 is so true. It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes: "Change only happens when the people who are unaffected are just as outraged as the people who are."
Similar to the Downfall of Times Beach Missouri
The was a comment made by one couple that when the bore holes were drilled near their home they originally tested at 54 degrees. Some time later one tested at 300 degrees and the other at 600 degrees. It would be hugely ironic if the bore holes directed the fire by providing air.
The makers of this film forgot about the Mobil gas station in town. The Amoco station wasn't the only gassy here.
Perfect example of the government mishandling a problem and screwing over the citizens.
The government drilled holes to see where fire was. Anyone knows you ad air to fire if you ever want to put it out. The government killed the town on purpose.
The firefighters started the fire is what ive read
25k for a House ?? Wtf my car costs more
funny thing is the government says oh we're claiming this land its unsafe . Now the government owns thousands of acres of top quality ground that is made of anthracite coal , which just happens to be one of the highest quality coals . I feel like the gov purposely allowed this to get out of control or claimed it was out of control so they could take the land and make billions of dollars off of it . I live near Centralia , we visit frequently on our scooters . the place isn't bad i don't see why everyone had to leave . Hell the fire is mostly burned out and what little fire that does still exists is passed Centralia . Ive always thought it was fishy i don't know why , Hell the area even has a weird awkward vibe now lol .
Government incompetence wipes out civilizations.
Centralia Mine Fire: 1962 - it's a week from 2018, and it's still burning.

The borough didn't collapse into itself. All attempts to contain/extinguish the fire have ceased. The zip code has been revoked.

It's sad to see what once was, and seeing what it is now.
Real-life Silent Hill
your own GOV cause the fire.
We were there a few weeks ago exploring and it still is emitting fumes and the smell is aweful. It breaks my heart to see what happened to that town
This is a great look at Centralia's fight of the coal mine fire at that time, the sad and tragic part about it is Centralia was lost anyway.💔💔💔💔
Thanks for posting this great documentary.
Remarkable short film. I didn't know this film existed and I got involved with Centralia the year after I returned to Philly from the west coast in 1985 which was when the final death blow was occurring with the town. Very sad.

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