Centralia Coal Mine No 5 Disaster / Explosion ~ March 25, 1947 ~ Woody Guthrie

Centralia Coal Mine No 5 Disaster / Explosion ~ March 25, 1947 ~ Woody Guthrie

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About: Centralia Coal Mine No 5 Disaster / Explosion ~ March 25, 1947 ~ Woody Guthrie

Soundtrack is working, the audio on a similar video did not play a few minutes ago. Very interesting, thank you for making this memorial.
My uncle (Raymond C. Buehne) was killed in that mine blast.  My mother always talked about it. She gave me a newspaper (reprint) from the Centrailia  newspaper that was originally printed in march of 1947.  Thanks for posting the video.  Your vid has a lot of info never talked about over the years.
RIP great grandpa Andrew Farley of Beckemeyer IL who died in this tragedy
My grandfather's dad died March 25 1947 coal mine explosion
Do you have a full list of the survivors?
My great grandfather was there! He survived, but they thought he was dead, so they tossed him into the ‘dead’ pile, but really he was alive.
Heart breaker song, tears my eyes , oh my God,
Look the words teasing everyone:-
My dear sister brother goodbye...
My dear mother and father goodbye,,,
Smoke burning my eyes ,,,,,
Really unsustainable , my heart wants cry
80's and 90's we don't believe in having brakes. This was a terrible tragedy that still insinuates underneath my feet today.When I was in highschool there was a special spot in a field next to hores shoe road and the village of Pershing. We would drink and have kegs back in this mystical spot. Great wonderful memories, riding on a hood of at LTD holding on as they did donuts. Anyways "squirrel" there is a special spot that you could stick a stick in the ground eventually you would pull it up out of the dirt, flames would be glowing from this piece of wood.
Amazing job! My grandfather Fred Bright was a survivor. This video brought the stories to life. To see him in this video and his handsome picture as a survivor took my breath away! I miss him so much, now I have video of a historical event which was a very important part of his life and our family history. Thank you !
70 yrs ago today. My grandfather was killed here. Peace to all!
I am related to the Spinners. "Please name the our new baby Joe" was a daughter, given the name Jody, of whom my mother knew. Jody was a red haired freckled gale who was very friendly. My mother really appreciated seeing this video, and thank you for making this.
Great video. I am from Centralia. My Grandmother still lives there and I visit often. Our families all worked for the Illinois Central. RR. My great grandmother had a tavern by the mine.
my Dad, grandpa and grest grandpa were southern Illinois coal miners outside sparta IL peobody and Zeigler mines, love this video, Illinois coal has to much sulfer the scrubbers were to expensive and the regulations killed our way life. i was graduating highschool or i would of followed in the coal mining way of life, thank you coal families across this country keeping the lights and homes heated.
My mother's grandfather was killed in the Old Ben Coal Corporation Mine #8 explosion in West Frankfort, IL only 4 months after the Centralia explosion (July 27, 1947). So many mine disaster in southern IL/Little Egypt, but the Centralia was particularly awful.

I lived in Centralia the vast majority of my life. Thank you so very much for uploading this video. It filled me in on many MANY !!! details that I wasn't aware of. Again, thank you.
This was excellent. Thank you for making it.
Chuck Johnson, I contacted the above number right after you left the message above and left a message...
Same story to so many all over the world.
My grandmother Betty Johnson really wants this video. she does not have the internet so is there any way to send her a copy? I am willing to pay for it if you can help. plz contact me at 6183397437 thank you for your time. #5111
After researching the Centralia No 5 Coal Mine in Illinois, we came in contact with a LOT of information regarding the Centralia Pennsylvania Coal Mine fires that ruined and caused the entire town to evacuate! It's really unbelievable!!

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