Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  Center For Kids Who Can't Read Good - Zoolander (4/10) Movie CLIP (2001) HD

Center For Kids Who Can't Read Good - Zoolander (4/10) Movie CLIP (2001) HD

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About: Center For Kids Who Can't Read Good - Zoolander (4/10) Movie CLIP (2001) HD

1:05 my favorite part
Wow, that assistant looked like he was close to breaking character during that initial fight with Ferrell. Haha, it’s been so long since I saw this.
I give you: the derek zoolander Center for Kids who cant read goooood
First time I saw this I fuckin hated it. Now it's fuckin hilarious.
The look on Todd's face is priceless
.... 3 times bigger than this 😂
Somebody working in production built that thing just so it could be destroyed.
I don’t know why but I get this feeling of nostalgia whenever I hear the music at the end of these clips... so weird because I don’t remember this at all from my childhood or anything.
1:50 I really keep coming back for the Assistant's facial expressions.
it feels like Will Ferrel wasn’t even acting he was just genuinely confused lol
that assistants smirk... i mean WHAT THE HELL IS IT INFERRING?
Me: Look baby, I'm ready to make love.

My ex: It has to be at least 3 times bigger than this.

(true story)
Derek: What is this? a center for ants!?Scott Lang: Am I a joke to you!?
What is this? A center for ants?!.... How can we be expected to teach children to read if they can't even fit inside the building?
When will tried doing that scene again .... It sucked ...latte scene
"ohho..... Ehheh"
RePlayed that MILLION TIMES 😂
Should have brought in Professor Pym to explain about the building.....
Honestly, powerful idiots aren’t always bad
He's absolutely right
😁. Fun fact. Will Ferrell is at least 3 times as evil as Mugatu. That's why he's so good at playing evil.

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