Caterpillar 777B Transmission Drive Repair

Caterpillar 777B Transmission Drive Repair

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Fair play for working in those conditions 👌
no torque just tighten until the impact gun die
he's got nuts. haha
Good Lord what a monster!
That's not the transmission, that's referred to as the wheel group. The trans mounts to the front of the axle housing. Usually if you are going into them that far you pull the whole unit off, spindle and all in one piece. They maybe didn't have enough lifting power, they are heavy... 6000 lbs IIRC. I've done them with forklifts or with tire manipulators by slinging the wheel group between the two arms of the manipulator. It's usually a shop job but I've done a few outside. The B's are good!
i wont to be a cat servise man and do what they did in the video looks like fun and pluce something new everyday
Thanks! Glad you enjoy them!
Thanks! Yeah the B's are considered one of the best in the series
Sweet video! Really cool to see all these repair videos!
Thanks! Ok will do

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