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🔴 Capitalism is Corrupted in the USA | Full Interview | Real Vision Classics

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


About: 🔴 Capitalism is Corrupted in the USA | Full Interview | Real Vision Classics

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This was a phenomenally enlightening interview.
None of this is possible without Lobbyists !!!
This guy should make a visit to Venezuela. He might appreciate capitalism more.
America has become a fiefdom .....and 99% of its subjects are "Surfs"
Everything in life is cyclical
Every American has a value index .....most Americans when the states are in a catastrophe are disposable
what is wrong with capitalism right now is that the supply curve for labor is essentially unlimited because of globalism. Only government intervention is keeping the system running, and that barely. India and China are continuing to add labor that barely consumes.
In short
Capitalism eats their young
There's nothing wrong with capitalism. It's the best form of economic system ever created. What is wrong is the corrupt people running the system. Capitalism has to go hand in hand with love towards everyone equally. When greed surpasses the true intention of capitalism, it goes south.
The problem with capitalism is the same thing that is wrong with communism, socialism, fascism, and other rulings of a country- IGNORANCE AND GREED!!
The problem with capitalism in the United States is that it is nonexistent. The two primary tenets of capitalism are free trade and property rights. Neither exist in this country. Trade is controlled through taxes, tariffs, and monetary manipulation among other measures. All "private " property is taxed and/or licensed and/or registered, which means the government actually owns it. You cannot get allodial title to anything of substance or value. Thus we are all just serfs in a feudal system toiling away our lives for the benefit of the lord and masters.
Marxists did not want all property owned by the state. He suggested worker ownership over the means of production and eventually a stateless society is how the theory goes. So the speaker starts off with a myth based on no facts whatsoever.

Furthermore if you look at the actual history of the USSR the irony was towards the end of the Soviet Union the state was offering the propaganda that they would soon possibly have communism. Neither the state nor the citizens believed they were living under communism. They believed the state of the USSR was an intermediary stage which would eventually lead to communism. Western countries had the propaganda that it was communism. Eastern block countries had the propaganda that eventually they would achieve communism.

No we don't have real capitalism as described by Adam Smith n the same way that the Soviet Union was not real Marxism as described by Karl Marx.

Part of the issue is our political dialogue has been completely dishonest in regards to economics. Most moderate Democrats and most Republicans advocate for corporate socialism meaning government subsidies for large corporations who would not exist if it were not for the government.

Oil relies of land grant subsidies, the petroleum dollar and a foreign policy to sustain it and he free use of the American military. That is corporate socialism.

Pharma gets free research, price controls so they make enormous profits. Insurance relies on the tax payer picking up any unpaid bills.

Tech industry gets free military technologies which we paid for. And the use of infrastructure we paid for.

Amazon gets to use our postal system and use our free infrastructure and pays no taxes.

The list goes on and on.

By not having factual discussions around the economy we have ended up with some of the worst aspects of capitalism and the worst aspects of socialism. When we could have the opposite.

We could have a healthy legitimate public safety net and a lot of competition. Germany has their own version of this.

But the idea that there can be a pure capitalism is as delusional as the idea that there will be a pure communism. At least Marx was honest that it was conjecture and speculation.

In the Netherlands when the East India corporation was founded you had every single liberal capitalist state contradiction. You had the East India company completely merge with the state military, you have liberalism in your own country and sheer brutality abroad, you had the government intervene when stock prices collapse, you had the government allow a monopoly in the first place. Capitalism was married to the state from the very beginning.
There is nothing wrong with Capitalism. However Corporate Fascism, which has infiltrated the U.S., is a pariah. Unfortunately, most people are ignorant of the difference.
It's not capitalism, it's the democratic equilibrium in the west slowly eroded.
This is the same argument Marxists make about socialism when they say socialism has "never been done correctly." "It wasn't 'real' socialism," they say, "it wasn't 'real' capitalism," you say. There's no difference, and the result of both systems will always be the same; a fascist oligarchy that sends its population into greater and greater servitude to enrich the oligarchs. Capitalism and socialism will always fail, and you will NEVER achieve your make-believe fairy-tale society, because both systems ignore the one fundamental, universal moral compass that exists on this planet. Can anyone name it? I won't hold my breath because I know I'm communicating with the hopelessly indoctrinated, but I'll give you a couple hints; it isn't a religion and it isn't a constitution.
That isn't real communism.
This isn't real capitalism.
Not just prices but a globalist agenda is propagated.
The pendulum may swing but there will noone left but the elites able to buy. They must break it all up and freeze any purchases by foreigners and the wealthy. If not it will not get any better.
Doubling down on deregulation. True faith.
So much important issue so less talked about it, ignored completely from politicians.
Capitalism means humans only need one resource for living, surviving: money. And money has to be taken from other human beings. It's called "divide and conquer" for our evil oppressors (banks and governments), the enemies of humanity, of life.

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