Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  Burlington Northern: Western Coal Connection (1970s) Part 1

Burlington Northern: Western Coal Connection (1970s) Part 1

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


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what a CONTRAST to the penn central disaster of the exact same time... then again from the PC disaster we got conrail… then from there we got the staggers act (railroad deregulation)… maybe we should celebrate the festival of errors that was PC... without it I doubt there would have been any motivation for the gov to deregulate
Does anyone recall the television spot for coal that aired following the first gasoline crisis? It showed a representative sized map of the Unites States based on the amount of coal America had in the ground. It then showed a map of the oil producing Arab countries that was sized according to the amount of oil they had. The U.S. towered over the OPEC nations by comparison.
@ 1:49 What a cool looking train and bridge !
Obama almost killed off the coal industry which is 38% of all frt hauled.
Shhhh.. if Barry and Joe see this, they will close all of these mines... those that still exist that is.
the rails in Powder River Areas are double tracked now
UP get this coal too
Glad the narrator explained its coal coming from big sky country.. I thought it was the awsome background music
3:58 Oklahoma Gas & Electric :P Those gondolas passed through my town (in Kansas) until about 1994 when they switched to the coalporters. At first they ran down Santa Fe's Transcon from K.C. to Red Rock, OK with a mix of BN and SF engines. Then they changed the contract to joint UP/ATSF and started running them down the Topeka sub behind just SF engines at first, then UP engines. Now since the contract has changed, BNSF diesels once again pull them down the Transcon.
Who'da think that this connection would become the countries busiest coal route today
The predecessor to ENRON tried to build a coal slurry pipeline from the coal fields to the southern power plants. The railroads interfered with their crossing of the right of ways and Enron sued them and WON...$400 MILLION in a trial that lasted over a year. UP and several others paid for their crimes.
God damn, those SD40-2s and U30Cs are so...graceful.
Old School
That has to be Wyoming's Powder River Basin that is being shown in the BN film.
Isnt this the Powder river basin they're talking about here.
Orin Line is now three and four tracks wide, running joint BNSF and UPRR trains. Average weight of a DP four pack is around 20,000 ton. A lot of coal for the Midwest!!
ow this is sweet! Anything BN like this is sweet.
flashback city. old school is good school. just give it to me straight. take your drunken wandering-tilt-angles and new-millennium wisecrack flicker-flash editing back to mtv and sundance and go squat. reality is forever.
old school GE, EMD, BN, and tons of info/footage..Thanks for sharing!

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