Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  Best Video for Wagon tippler (Automatic wagon unloading operation)

Best Video for Wagon tippler (Automatic wagon unloading operation)

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I am currently working here.
Paras tps
Utcl tadipatri lo choosanu
Esme new kya hai ye to sabhi Power plant me hai wagons ko Unloading karne ke liye Triplar.....
I guess this vedio is from Maharashtra india
Apparently it looks all fine from behind. The visuals and comments would have been wholly different had the video been taking from the other side, with all the dust kicking. Effective dust containment and control needs to be an integral aspect of 'latest, modern technology'. Merely seeing a huge machine move does not qualify to be termed as hi-tech. We need thinking towards clean-tech as well to qualify to be termed as hi-tech.

For effective dust containment and control solutions for Wagon Tippler Applications (both Rotary and Rotaside) send SMS on 9831014931.

Let's make Dust Control a way of life !
Great Video
which company is this? has no value here..
I felt like a monster machines they are
this is from Paras Thermal Power Station, Akola District, India Great video
Very old safety ...
Damn this going take for ever a unit train has up to 180 cars. Still bad ass❤
too bad that mule was in the way. might have been a cool video
Verry 9ic
Grasim nagda
Wat plaise
This is very slow
all gd

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