Best BBQ Ribs Ever - Recipe from - BBQFOOD4U

Best BBQ Ribs Ever - Recipe from - BBQFOOD4U

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


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i really like this keep up the good work!
Sorry I’m late. But does the water pans make a big difference? If so how would you go about when using a smoker?
So sad, been looking how to BBQ ribs for this 4th of July on a charcoal grill and it's way too complicated, water pans, wood chips, on and on and on. Isn't there any YouTube for like normal barbecuing ribs?
I wish I could bite them through my computer
what kind of paprika did you use?
thank you
What u goin to do with all the scrap cuts of meat
These BBQ Videos Put Porn Videos to shame! 😂
hey thanks for the video. what should I have the top vent set at?
! Th!nk ! Just Dribbled N'dat say...dose anyone have a tissue Dat was Bad🔥Ass..........making someone Drool should be a S!N im otta Here.................🏃
Actually his ribs didn't look that good.I made some in a crock pot them BBQ em and put them in the broiler and they was Awesome...So tender/flavorful and juicy...His looked dried out,not well bbq and a tad on the tuff side when he bit into that rib he really put some torque down...
225* is it C or F?
5.5 hours to cook, 30 minutes to eat.
Love ur videos. U make complex grilling simple. Thanks for sharing.
The ashes got on the ribs
I could damn near smell them through the phone... Those look amazing
So what's the water 4?
What do you do with the cut off wasted portions of ribs?

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