Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  Beautiful in White x Canon in D (Piano Cover by Riyandi Kusuma)

Beautiful in White x Canon in D (Piano Cover by Riyandi Kusuma)

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About: Beautiful in White x Canon in D (Piano Cover by Riyandi Kusuma)

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so sweet... thanks a lot.
Awesome and breath taking! You are too damn cool. These 2 songs were played at my wedding, by guitar thou. These songs never get old~
Que bom pra mente e o coração. ..adoro! !!
I hope you make tutorial videos 😢 like this one, hopefully you can have have a tutorial video so like you we can play also.. :)
Great! I love this song, it's true beautiful
Dang.. So play so well... I wanna play the same way u do one day❤☺🎹
Mantab mas..jgn lupa mampir ke chanel saya
Wawa wat a's a mellifluous...lovely...
Mantap ey si kasep.m
You are simply a genious, cannot compare to anything
beautiful! I hope play this song one day
I love all of your piano covers <3. I hope you can play "Marry Me" by Jason Derulo.
This is perfect for a wedding song. Beautiful in White and Canon in D will always be my fave wedding song ❤
Amazing! God bless you! Impressive!
I love Canon in D

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