Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  BBQ Spare Ribs on the Weber Kettle Grill~Fast Cooked BBQ Ribs

BBQ Spare Ribs on the Weber Kettle Grill~Fast Cooked BBQ Ribs

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About: BBQ Spare Ribs on the Weber Kettle Grill~Fast Cooked BBQ Ribs

You are a realist...I really do like how you demonstrate

You should do a video on maintaining the world's cleanest bbq
next time go for 3 hours and wrap them in aluminum foil for the last 30 minutes it will tender them right on up
I am disappointed as well. Like watching a dad cook...
gay who Cooks ribs like dat forreals man
I don't have 4 hours for BBQ ribs so you're method is more my style..simple is always the best way.
Next time do exactly what you did here, but just light one side of your charcoal. It’ll burn nice and slow across the mound. Also put two to three chunks of applewood where you light the coals. 2/3 hours uncovered and then crutch them up for two in foil. Back on uncovered until they tighten back up again. That’s anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. Btw I wouldn’t foil them up on a real smoker but on a Weber it really helps to slow them down so they’re super tender at the end.
Please give me your opinion on my barbecue video. Thanks in advance.
I always put a thermometer inside my grill and with that much charcoal I reckon the temp would be about 400-450 c
This video was about as informative as watching paint dry.
im disappointed. i watched this entire video for the sole purpose of learning how to grill ribs. why i decided to watch your video is because you LOOK like you would know how to grill some good ribs. Looks are deceiving.
I like the idea of "fast" cooking, but were they really tender enough to eat? I have cooked ribs before and not long enough, the flavor was great but just too "tough" to eat when you really have to bite hard to pull from bone. Im from Memphis so i understand low and slow..great vid.
Sub for sub!
(Doug Weaver)  I always smoke my ribs, but haven't tried them on the grill.  Will have to try this.  They looked good TTM
if your ribs don't take at minimum 4 hrs to cook you not doing it right period
"fast-cooked" means 2.5 hours. great
i cut my ribs in 4 peicesan cook 1/2 rack {2 peices} at a time.15min on each side then put bbq sauce on 10 more min oneach side .DONE very very good.i dont have 21/2 -3 hrs.55 mins total an there dam good.i also have an 18in weber an use lump charcoal.i will try sum mustard an rub tonight.also put your ribs on none stick foil
Another half hour longer and they would've turned out tender. I think you pulled them too quick. I cook mine at about the same temperature for 3 hours
looks good to me to
Good job!! thay looks good! I'm hungry to ima try to cook some today on my grill for the first time. Thanks for the tips

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